BlackBerry to the world: We're not dead yet

BlackBerry tried to relaunch itself in 2013 with a new mobile OS in BlackBerry 10 and new smartphones to go along with it. However, the response from both businesses and consumers to the new products was well below expectations. As a result, BlackBerry suffered from huge losses and a few weeks ago announced that it would cut back its workforce by 4,500 team members. Even its plans to expand its BBM network to iOS and Android devices got delayed.

Today, the company posted an open letter on its website, which will be reprinted in a number of major newspapers tomorrow. In short, the company says that it is not dead just yet, stating, "You can continue to count on BlackBerry." It points to the fact that it has no debt, that it has "substantial cash on hand" and that the recently announced layoffs will allow BlackBerry to run a more efficient business.

The letter added:

These are no doubt challenging times for us and we don't underestimate the situation or ignore the challenges we are facing. We are making the difficult changes necessary to strengthen BlackBerry. One thing we will never change is our commitment to those of you who helped build BlackBerry into the most trusted tool for the world's business professional.

The letter also claims that its BlackBerry 10 OS and its four new smartphones are the best such products for business customers, even though there's no evidence that there's been any sales uptick of those devices to big companies. It also claims that its security is better than the ones offered by the competition and that it has six million people pre-registered to be notified about the BBM launch for iOS and Android, although it fails to mention its recent delay.

As you might expect, BlackBerry's letter tries to paint a fairly rosy picture but so far the company has done little to show that it can stop its current bleeding beyond just cutting workers. With rumors that BlackBerry is considering selling parts of itself to several different suitors and the fact that BlackBerry's co-founders are now exploring a bid to take it over again, the future of the company is far from assured.

Source: BlackBerry

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All of BB problem (and WP also ) is not because of their products quality its because of duopoly that freaking apple and google introduced for apps. There should be an standard for app development (some sort of Open Source Framework) then everybody can build OS, Smartphone and everybody enjoy more or less same experience of apps.

Blackberry is trying to be seen with their comeback as a phoenix. However, they might end-up being seen as herpes.


Well, the first step in using a defibrillator on yourself is releasing BlackBerry Messenger on Android and iOS.

riahc3 said,

Well, the first step in using a defibrillator on yourself is releasing BlackBerry Messenger on Android and iOS.

Its coming out within the next few days

Frank2029 said,

Its coming out within the next few days

I'm practically a BlackBerry fanboy, but even I doubt they're going to successfully launch it within a couple of days. We should probably not expect it until the holiday season or new year's eve.

Hardcore Til I Die said,
Can anyone here something? Never mind, must've been the wind...

Can anyone spell "hear" correctly? Oh must be an android user

Frank2029 said,

Can anyone spell "hear" correctly? Oh must be an android user

I blame autocorrect!!

And no, I'm not. I just think Blackberry is terrible and RIM are has-beens.

There is just no way a single company can create and sustain an ecoystem on its own. Except for Apple of course because they had the benefit of being the first in this new space.

So if BB wants to survive they need partners. Even if they go business-only, businesses consist of people with preferences as well. You can't easily convince a CEO to adopt BB if he's personally in love with another phone, But since they are now focusing on businesses I hope they consider Windows Phone. Microsoft will never give up this fight and having BB hardware and Windows/Office software would be great for business-users.

.Neo said,
Does that mean you're in contact with ghosts?

There are many active, breathing individuals who are classified as deceased individuals in the US and can't get their socials back.

Hollywood's Karo said,
Notice the key word here: YET

Indeed. Unless they pull something out of the bag and have a solid xmas season they'll probably be out of options (and cash) early next year.

Good luck to them. Nothing more stupid than a 1 or 2 or even 3 horse race. We need more competition, and for more consumers to be brave and try something new.