BlackBerry: Unnamed partner bought one million BlackBerry 10 phones

BlackBerry is gearing up for a big consumer launch of its BlackBerry Z10 smartphone later this month in the US, after previously launching in Canada and parts of Europe. Today, the company announced that it has received the largest single order of its smartphones in BlackBerry's history.

The post on BlackBerry's blog did not name the "partner" who bought all those smartphones, but Rick Costanzo, the EVP of Global Sales for BlackBerry, was clearly happy to sell all those phones at once, saying, "An order for one million devices is a tremendous vote of confidence in BlackBerry 10." Shares in BlackBerry stock went up eight percent after the news was announced today.

Meanwhile the US launch of the touchscreen-based BlackBerry Z10 is starting to ramp up. AT&T is now taking pre-orders for its version of the phone, with a $199.99 price and a launch date of March 22nd. Today, Verizon Wireless confirmed it would also be selling the BlackBerry Z10, with pre-orders starting on Thursday and its official Verizon launch on March 28th.

As we have reported before, the BlackBerry Q10, with its physical QWERTY keyboard, won't go on sale until sometime later in 2013.

Source: BlackBerry | Image via BlackBerry

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Go BB!!! got my Z10 last week, the more i play with it the more i love it, it has some bugs and is missing small features but is stuff that a software update can fix, and im sure there will be one very soon.

the thing is,ok they sold a million to some party,but next quarter,theyre going to have to make up that million somehow,or else their numbers are going to look worse.

Well seeing that ATT is thearhest carriwr in the USA I would say it was them, because only the US Government has that many employees. So surely its ATT. Samsung still has the largest preorder of phones at one time at 9M.

But glad to see BlackBerry moving up

Just playing Devil's advocate here. I'm suspicious of this since the buyer is "unnamed", and may be a group with interest in the company or the Canadian government.

That $200 price comes with a 2year contract. The price for a phone bought outright will be much, much higher.. I am guess more like $699 or so, if not more

I wonder how many of these will sit on stock shelves before 700,000 or more will be returned back to blackberry. These phones are not selling very well, even in Canada.

I hope that the 200$ price tag keeps it to Latin America. I want to get rid of my 8900, but all of the Android Phones that catch my eye are too expensive (yet...)

Take this with a pinch of salt, other companies have used the same tactic to 'big up' their product to make it seem much more widely used than it is (xbox, etc.)

n_K said,
Take this with a pinch of salt, other companies have used the same tactic to 'big up' their product to make it seem much more widely used than it is (xbox, etc.)

I think I'll take your statement with a bigger pinch of salt! If they are lying about this, it will soon be found out when the Q1 results are announced at the end of March

It's more likely that the order was placed, but with the option to return any unsold items at full price. Blackberry would make this deal just for the press, etc.

Im interested in bb10 but the review from the verge lists some shortfalls that seriously need to be adressed. Can all be done though rather easily.
However i find the design of the gui somehow overloaden. Id love to see it reduced in its design and less confusing. Its just not really elegantly looking.

Arceles said,
Go BB! cheers from an android user! ignore vcfan comments!

wtf i didnt even comment. am i in your dreams?