BlackBerry: We're still “a leader in mobile”, despite what everyone else says

It’s no secret that BlackBerry has been struggling in recent years. IDC predicts that by the end of this year, its global share of the smartphone market will fall to just 0.8%, dropping even further to 0.3% by 2018. The company's own CEO admitted that its latest BlackBerry 10 operating system isn't exactly intuitive, and twice in the last year, BlackBerry has had to remind the world that it's not dead yet.

And yet, despite its CEO, John Chen, publicly admitting that the company has "a lot of problems", BlackBerry today placed at least some of the blame for its woes on its competitors and on the media.

On its blog today, the company said that "there have been many vocal voices from competitors trying to incite fear, uncertainty and doubt about BlackBerry. In doing so," it added, "sensationalized reports surrounding our viability and misperceptions about our product portfolio have crowded the airwaves." 

To counter the effects of this, BlackBerry says that it "must fight back", and to that end it has launched its Fact Check Portal, describing it as "a place for us to hold our competitors accountable for what they say, when what they say is wrong", and promising to deliver "the real story" about its products and services. 

It adds: "We'll provide evidence that BlackBerry continues to be a leader in mobile, and we'll expose 'smoke and mirrors' marketing tactics by competitors." So far, however, the Fact Check Portal is empty (apart from a link to the blog post announcing it); given how much its rivals are supposedly talking trash about it, and all of these "sensationalized reports" by the media, it's perhaps a little surprising that the company hasn't prepared a single example for its launch. 

Still, BlackBerry tells its users and supporters that if they "see a work of fiction from one of our competitors, we want to hear about it", so perhaps we'll be seeing some of these examples in the weeks and months ahead. 

Source: BlackBerry | top image via CNN Mexico

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For sure Riva they are no leaders in the mobile industry - I think this whole BlackBerry Fact Check is tacky. But if you actually read news from sources other than Neowin you would realize while they are still on precarious ground they are actually diversifying their business portfolio - healthcare industry, auto industry, outsourcing their hardware manufacturer process, moving to software based model, deal with Amazon App Store, targeting Indonesia & emerging markets, bringing BES to Windows Phone, etc. And you would realize that the CEO John Chen is probably not the dufus Neowin has portrayed him to be. And no I don't work for BlackBerry :)

While I doubt BlackBerry can ever make any sort of comeback in the phone side of the business ... I certainly would not trust Neowin to report on BlackBerry. They selectively choose what they report :) Interesting that in the article on the new phablet Neowin did not report on the fact that they actually returned to a profit for the most recent quarter surprising analysts, which was pretty big news and caused the stock value to rise (don't know what the value is now in comparison). Obviously doesn't mean much unless they can continue to do it increasingly over the next 4 quarters, but seriously Neowin you sound like a commercial for Windows Phone (and yes my next phone will probably be a Windows Phone but my wife has a BlackBerry Z10 and it is a very good phone better than Android and iPhone in my opinion).

IT@Whitney said,
...Neowin did not report on the fact that they actually returned to a profit for the most recent quarter surprising analysts, which was pretty big news and caused the stock value to rise...

Wasn't the 'profit' you mentioned from their real estate transaction?

Talk about squeaking out a profit. And it was courtesy of a tax refund and selling of some of their real estate. Sounds like their sales are still bleeding.

Yes agreed that their smartphone sales are still bleeding but they did still beat analyst's predictions and that is with them factoring in the real estate sales, etc. I was just replying to the previous post that the CEO is wasting money ... I know someone very well who works for BlackBerry and is quite impressed with the CEO - says he is very decisive. The problem with the old BlackBerry (RIM) in my opiniuon it was so bloated (middle management) it took forever to get anything done.

Oh dear Blackberry is grasping at straws and knows that the end is near if it's playing this tactic. We can only wait and see what will happen.

I never liked BlackBerry devices - even in the days before Android and iPhone. Back then I used Windows Mobile, and I really liked how ActiveSync would do push synchronization from our Exchange server without the need for any extra software. I remember many times when people would bring their Blackberry device to me for various issues - most commonly that email wasn't synchronizing right. I hated those things, yet it was tough to get people to go with Windows Mobile instead because the BlackBerry name was so popular.

Don't get me wrong though, I didn't consider Windows Mobile to be a great mobile OS. But its usability was well beyond what BlackBerry had. What happened next in the mobile industry was great: Apple used their brand power to make the Blackberry name irrelevant, and then Android stepped in just in time to prevent Apple from getting too powerful.

So glad I convinced our company to ditch the BB's for iPhones. I love not having to deal with the BES server. I also love being able to TYPE on my phone. The keys on BB phones are so incredibly small I had to take such care and time spent in typing single letters. iPhone keyboard isnt perfect but a lot better than a BB keyboard. I even tried mashing the keypad to obtain a special dialing wand... no luck... bye bye BB.

BB was as good as dead the day the iPhone 1 was shown for the first time.. and BB wrote the memo not to worry about it, cause everything Apple showed off was NOT POSSIBLE.

BB Devices still aren't as good as the first iPhone, they have been unable to even match their competitors, much less take the lead. The only reason they still exist is because a lot of business don't like having to deal with change, they already have systems setup around BB/BBM and will keep using it until it's no longer available.

In a environment where mobile has become the market driver for technology it's sad that BlackBerry has lost its way. It's great advantage (security I guess) hasn't allowed it to maintain it's place in the market and as people transition to iOS and Android devices, it's unlikely that they'll be able to turn it around.

BlackBerry has failed to draw support from developers and their platforms, while still impressive in design, just don't have enough applications to compete with their competition. I have a BlackBerry PlayBook and while I think the hardware is top notch, the lack of apps and BlackBerry's decision to end-of-life the product, fails to inspire me with confidence. I really wonder if there's room for another mobile operating system when iOS and Android hold such dominant positions and are far more supported.

> BlackBerry: We're still “a leader in mobile”, despite what everyone else says

Interesting choice of words. My first thought, reading that headline, was of North Korea's "dear leader", Kim Jung-Un. And in this context, I can't help but notice the similarity in mindsets.

Is this a stretch? :-)

BlackBerry had its security issues in its heyday. The only reason it's "more secure" now is because there are so few people left that use BlackBerry, it's not worth it for hackers to put any effort into it anymore.

I just phased out around 100 BB's including 9720's,Q10's and Z10's.

Users want iPhones or Samsung S5's.

Blackberry is doomed IMO.

I am doing my part to help BlackBerry find the exit. We just dumped over 250 CrackBerrys for a mix of iPhones and Android devices and the remaining 500 or so will be gone in the coming months, at this point BlackBerry is just irrelevant even in government (where I work).

But that's exactly the issue they're talking about. You have no good reason to move everyone over to less secure devices other than "iphone is cool kthx", especially in the "government".

BobSlob said,
But that's exactly the issue they're talking about. You have no good reason to move everyone over to less secure devices other than "iphone is cool kthx", especially in the "government".

Actually you are incorrect on that, I have a very good reason for doing it. I was sent a letter from BlackBerry stating that they will discontinue BES 9 and only support BES 10 along with the fact that in the same letter stating that BES 10 does not support any older BlackBerry OS other then BBOS 10. The issue came down to us needing to replace older phones and BlackBerry holding a gun to our head wanting us to pay for a whole new platform including BES when we already have ActiveSync for free.

In the end they shot themselves in the foot when there sales people tried to talk to us like we were children and offering nothing for our years of service with them.

You had me until 'BES 9' There is no such thing. Its BES 5.

But the substance of what you say is correct, ActiveSync is basically as secure as BES for email, and BES creates a failure point that doesn't exist with other email systems. And it fails. A lot.

Tomo said,
iPhones are as secure as Crapberries, if not more, and have been for the last couple of years.

That's why I have root access to my iOS 7.1.1 Device and not my Blackberry right?

Why would anyone need root access to a Blackberry? There are no apps worth installing, even for free? iOS and Androids can be just as secure as Crackberries.

Well not just that, they are trying to hide the disaster that has became blackberry. Their market share says all... less than 2% worldwide.

Not the first time a competitor got their info wrong and wont be the last. Competitors will skew the facts, give half truths, and whatever else to discredit another and improve their business.

They will for sure, but if your competitors are the ones that everyone is listening to for your companies story you are failing as a company.