BlackBerry Z10 rumored to launch in US March 22

The BlackBerry Z10 touchscreen smartphone has been on sale for a few weeks in Canada and the UK, but when will the device that could make or break BlackBerry be available in the U.S.? A new report claims we are just two weeks away from that happening.

Bloomberg reports, via unnamed sources, that AT&T will be the first wireless carrier to sell the BlackBerry Z10, with its new BlackBerry 10 OS, on Friday, March 22. An official BlackBerry spokesperson would not comment on the report.

Two other wireless carriers, Verizon and T-Mobile, have said in the past they also will be selling the BlackBerry Z10 sometime in March. However, neither has given a specific release date. Sprint will not be selling the Z10 at all but does plan to offer its customers the QWERTY keyboard-based BlackBerry Q10 later in 2013.

The stakes are high on BlackBerry's front to make its BlackBerry 10 phones a success. The company has been losing market share in the smartphone industry at a rapid rate in the last couple of years thanks to the rise of the iPhone and Android-based smartphones. The latest numbers from ComScore show that BlackBerry lost 1.9 percent in between October 2012 and January 2013.

Source: Bloomberg | Image via BlackBerry

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Just pre-ordered mine with Optus in Australia (although Ill be using my Telstra SIM (We are lucky here in Aus, our carriers let you unlock the phones for free at any time). Delivers from 25th March. Im so frickin excited!!!

I'm getting it and don't really care what people who know little about it on this site think. QNX, the hub, and gestures are all great.

So let the hate commence. What's funny is of all the tech sites I visit this is the only one where there is so much hate for Blackberry in the comments. Guess probably because of the Windows Phone bias on this site. All the others that use to be full of it have come around so maybe Neowin will eventually.

Edited by matt4pack, Mar 8 2013, 7:48pm :

If there's any bias, it would be toward Android. But in terms of news coverage, Windows Phone makes sense because of the site's focus on Microsoft news.

Some people just like to say that "RIM will die". Even if I strongly disliked the BlackBerry brand, I still wouldn't want that company to go bankrupt. I'd want it to be successful because that would increase competition and increase the chances that I'd like them.

Meh. I just don't see the appeal, but it's a good step up from existing Blackberries (Blackberry's?). I know most people in my organization have jumped ship to iPhone or Android - there is just one person in our department that uses a Blackberry, but only because he's stuck on contract with it.