BlackBerrys at Risk from Newly Discovered Hack Attacks

A security Relevant Products/Services from Microsoft flaw in the ubiquitous BlackBerry devices might make some users think twice before opening attachments. The newly revealed vulnerability could allow an attacker to gain access to the device when users open a specially crafted image file.

The security hole was disclosed last weekend in Berlin at the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress by Phenoelit security researcher Felix Lindner. According to Lindner's research, the vulnerability is a result of a problem in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that could allow a hacker to send a specially crafted TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file to execute an attack.

News source: NewsFactor

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Many Berry users such as myself don't retrieve messages via a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but instead either use the POP3 capabilities of the service provider or the BlackBerry Desktop Redirector, the latter of which will not forward attachments. I would however, wager that the flaw is applicable to POP3 users as well, since the transport method shouldn't have anything to do with a vulnerability regarding a particular file type. I for one will never use BlackBerry Enterprise Server as it isn't cheap at all. The server software with a single user license is $2,999.00 so it's rather cost prohibitive for most single user or small-medium size offices/groups.

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