Blizzard Dropping Starcraft 2 Hint?

Blizzard fans were out in force in London tonight, celebrating the launch of the much anticipated World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion, but another Blizzard game might have stolen the limelight. Itzik Ben Bassat, Vice President Business Development and International for Blizzard Entertainment, took the stage at HMV Oxford Street, London, and said some rather revealing words. " I'm a StarCraft player myself and I hope it's not a decade, and we launched StarCraft in 1998, before I'm standing here again, celebrating the next game in the series," stated Bassat while on stage. Well, not exactly a "Yes we are making a Starcraft 2 finally everyone!" but I say that is nearly as good. At least, I think so. So, what do you guys think, Starcraft 2 by 2008? I wouldn't doubt it. Blizzard knows damn well that fans of Starcraft have been begging for a sequel for nearly a decade now, why keep denying them? With World of Warcraft taking over the world, why not shoot high and do a Starcraft 2? I say go for it Blizzard! View: Original Story @ Pro-G

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I assume he was talking about Brood War...

...because Starcraft came out in '96, I'm fairly certain.

Anyway, right on.

I want starcraft 2! hopefully they do have something in the pipeline but I'm not holding my breath (been holding it for to long) I wonder why they have held out on making the sequel for so long, it's not like starcraft was un-popular :P

first of all, you can't say World of Starcraft. Since when is starcraft evolved around a world? And many lead devs left that developed Starcraft. I wonder if Blizzard can come strong with Starcraft 2, doesnt matter if they have the money or not, lots of good games fail after a year or so. Starcraft is still strong, and to be honest, I would love a huge patch for it, that increases resolution, maybe something like a remake. I would hate to see Starcraft 2 being a very good game, and then just fail, lose popularity after a year or so. In the end, its all about the community, and its up to Blizzard to make sure they win them.

the thing is, if a game is that good you DON'T make a remake for it otherwise it just loses it's "touch". By then way, when people say "world" they can be literal or metaphorical, so "World Of Starcraft" still makes perfect sense.

All I hope is that they build a strong and powerful storyline if there ever is a starcraft 2.

I never played any Warcraft games... But I LOVED Starcraft. I've been asking myself for the last decade, what is blizzard doing?? I've been dreaming of this.


Or we could just load up th WH40k: Dawn of War games and play the originals of wich StarCraft was Loosely(and I use the word Loosely...) based.

His sentence only just about makes sense, so you could read into it any way you want.
Personally, I wouldn't hold your breath, not while WoW is doing so well.