Blizzard not thinking about World of Warcraft 2

MMO developer eager to expand World of Warcraft before any sequel enters development. The developer behind the world's most popular MMO, World of Warcraft, has told that it has not even begun to think about a making a sequel. Speaking to in an interview due to be published next week, Frank Pearce, executive vice-president of product development at US-based developer Blizzard, said that the team still has a "huge wishlist of exciting features" to implement in the game. He also praised Blizzard's MMO rivals Warhammer Online, Age of Conan and Tabula Rasa for being "very promising" and "bringing some great new ideas to the MMO space".

World of Warcraft, or WoW as it's known to its army of fans, currently enjoys an astonishing active subscriber base of 9.3 million people worldwide, 300,000 more than it had six months ago. Since the game's launch in February 2005 Blizzard has released scores of patches and one expansion, The Burning Crusade, in January this year. Another expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, is due next year. Speaking to, Pearce said the team is still waiting to enjoy new content as players before turning to what must be an inevitable sequel. "We haven't even started to think about a sequel," he said. "The team still has a huge wishlist of exciting features to add on top of what's already been implemented since launch. Not to mention, we're all still playing the game pretty heavily ourselves, and there's a lot more content that we want to see as players."

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Thank god at least millions who sit in their house with any other connection will come out and socialize* (Small number but still so please don't start flaming me)

That next expansion comes out in January and it's November right now. I doubt they're hiring more people for it.

Also, that jobs thing on their site mentions an MMO and says it's next-gen. Which means it's nothing that they have out right now.

NightmarE D said,
That next expansion comes out in January and it's November right now. I doubt they're hiring more people for it.

no way Lich King is gonna be out by Jan
i'd say mid-late '08

if it were going to be out by Jan Blizzard would have released a lot more info on their site and forums

That'll be their ace in the hole. They've probably got something in developement along the lines of a Starcraft MMO, but are waiting for another MMO to come out that can even make a dent in the subscription numbers of WoW. Once that happens, they'll go into full-swing work on World of Starcraft and take back the title.

I think WoW has had the most work done on it post-release of any other game I've ever seen. Although I'm surprised they aren't thinking about a sequel they better wait until the cash cow of the current WoW runs dry. How many more years does WoW have until it starts declining in its numbers? 2 years? 5?