Blizzard possibly releasing Mobile Authenticator for iPhone

As TUAW reports, Blizzard has posted a job listing on their website, indicating they are building a Mobile Authenticator for Apple's iPhone/iPod touch.

The Authenticator currently comes in a hardware form, costing $6.50 US, and is used to further secure players account in Blizzard's World of Warcraft. This would come in extremely handy for those looking to further secure their World of Warcraft accounts, but don't want an extra device (or have to pay $6.50) to do so.

There's no word on how far away the Mobile Authenticator is, or how much it will cost. You'll be able to use it for your account also, for as many accounts as you desire. For the iPod touch iteration, you will need a WiFi connection to initially activate the Mobile Authenticator; after this, you won't need a network connection. Pricing is expected to be lower than $6.50, as that cost is mainly for hardware costs. Also, it would make sense Blizzard would want to keep pricing down as low as possible, in order to help as many people as possible keep their accounts secure.

Keep an eye on Neowin's gaming section to see when Blizzard plans to release the application via Apple's App Store.

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While it might be handy, by putting what was once in a secure chip on any phone's OS it weakens the chain of trust of the security as there is yet another layer the authenticator ID or current key could be duplicated.

Can we actually have news that is confirmed or least rather than simply a possibility piece of news that is all from some small Apple Fanboy site.

What news is becoming these days.

I just want to be able to do Fingerprint logon(Digital Persona comes to mind or the MS Fingerprint Series) OR even a SmartCard. I don't play at KIOSK terminals so I don't need to take it with me (but if I did I still would like to use fingerprint or smartcards to get in game).

Something you know and something you are..... I find this much more secure (even if fingerprints are not 100%). I already logon to the Blizzard website this way. So I just wish it would work with the client. Say good by to keyloggers anyway..

I dont understand what this has to do with the iPhone? It says in the top right corner that the Mobile Authenticator is a downloadable application for mobile phones.. Its not exclusive to the iPhone, its for all internet enabled phones.

Correct, tried looking on Blizzard pages and found nothing about being specific for iPhone.

But the source of this news is TUAW and WoWInsider, which states "The page is sparse on exactly what phones and mobile devices will be supported, but it does mention that it works with the iPod Touch and iPhone."

iPhone is really on the news lately :)
Really like the idea. Since I always carry the phone with me, no more having another piece of hardware to safely play the game.
And for sure it will solve the sold out problem.

Very true, for the hell of though i've purchased the Blizz Authenticator for my WoW account, just because my guild has over 30,000 gold and other high level raiding supplies. Being an officer, I don't want to be responsible for the guild bank getting hacked under my account and loosing all that. So $6.50 in my opinion is a great buy.