Block-buster: Warner Bros acquires rights for Minecraft movie

Minecraft, the blocky digital world in which you can build pretty much anything you can imagine, started out on the PC, but has since jumped to other platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation. But now the phenomenally popular game is set to make the jump to the big screen, with news of a deal to produce a Minecraft movie.

Deadline Hollywood was first to break the news that Warner Bros has acquired the movie rights. They reported that the studio intends to produce a live-action movie, rather than an animated film. While the production has reportedly attracted a good deal of interest in Hollywood, the project remains in the preliminary stages, and a release is not yet confirmed.

Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, creator of Minecraft, confirmed to The Guardian that discussions about the movie are ongoing. However, he also insisted that he and his game studio, Mojang, will retain some measure of creative control over the project: “I can tell you that signing a ‘do whatever you want to this IP’ movie rights deal doesn’t seem like something Mojang would do.”

What do you think about the prospect of a Minecraft movie? Do you think a live-action movie will work, or would you prefer an animated one? And any ideas on what the plot might be? Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline Hollywood / The Guardian | image via

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Animated with sphax textures

I don't really see what the big fuss is with Minecraft, vanilla is terribly limited, sure you can make some interesting things but it is so much better with mod packs that add lots of technical machinery, trouble is then your in a minefield of compatibility, stability and performance issues.

Too bad no one can completely rebuild it and provide a proper API without been sued

exotoxic said,
I had heard they were working on one a while back (months ago) then pretty much left it for dead (doing other stuff maybe??)

They been working on that mod API since 1.4 at least.

As long as they can think of a plot it may be okay, Lego-esque is the only way I see this working though.

also.. plsnoyogscast... except Sips, he's a magnificent b######

Hopefully they don't have Steve walking down a street in NYC like they did with the live-action Smurfs movies.. I doubt any animated one would look any different to the countless youtube-based Minecraft series'..

I hope this was only done to secure the rights and sit on them, not to make a dumb movie about blocks.

What's next, tetris?

so the lego movie was a huge hit... therefore... Minecraft MUST be one in the eyes of execs right?......

at least lego has themes and stuff set in their product lines... Minecraft though...

not sure this will work well

Wasn't there talks about a movie before the Lego one came out and Mojang turned them down.. So, its not related i dont think to the Lego movie's success..

statm1 said,
Wasn't there talks about a movie before the Lego one came out and Mojang turned them down.. So, its not related i dont think to the Lego movie's success..

there are talks about a lot of stuff in Hollywood behind the scenes... but they haven't green lighted the project yet...