Blockbuster Acquires Movielink

The rivarly between two popular online movie rental businesses, Netflix and Blockbuster's Total Access, is about to heat up; Total Access, although reportedly adding subscribers faster than Netflix, lagged behind in one area: on demand movie and TV show downloads. Until now. Blockbuster announced this Wednesday that it is buying the digital movie-download service Movielink, giving the company a stronger online foothold to compete with its rival. Movielink will continue to operate as a stand-alone service, but Blockbuster plans to eventually make elements of Movielink available through it's own online-ordering, mail-delivery service.

Blockbuster was in already advanced talks to buy Movielink in Febuary of this year but backed off, renewing the talks in July, about the time that it named a new chief executive, James Keyes. "Many of our stores still say 'Blockbuster Video,"' Keyes said in an interview. "We're taking a fresh look at the future of Blockbuster. The popularity of (online rentals) convinced us that customers are ready for more convenient forms of digital delivery that we think Blockbuster can successfully enter." The deal, whose terms have not yet been released, gives Blockbuster access to Movielink's large catalog and, for the first time, gives its customers the ability to download movies.

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Well HD-DVD and Blu-ray iis almost the same in quality now for video quality but blu-ray lacks alot of features HD-DVd has like online functions and menu system features. blu-ray is based on Java while HD-DVd uses WPF/examl code programming and well we know in some cases java is slower at software and in the case of the BD movies this is true in some of the movie titles and such. so i feel sorry for BBs for only haveing BD format in stores cause well BD just lacks alot of things HD-DVd has to offer for content and interaction . but it is good you can still rent HD-DVDs online from BBs

I am actually lucky that two of my local BB stores were test stores for both HD and BD. These stores are continuing to stock both formats. I don't own either device as of yet, but I do like to price of the HD. I'm hoping dual format devices will become the norm before I decide which to buy.

It's the company who announced it will rent Blu-ray only, for future movies, isn't it?

I thought Blu-ray would have better quality because it has more capacity than the rival. But I was wrong. Or it is not necessarily true. Both Blu-ray and HD DVD can store most of the movies currently out there with same quality partly because the encoding technology has advanced and partly because both media provide enough space for a movie of less than 3 hours.

So if both media use the same encoding, say H.264 at the same transfer rate, Bluray can store "more" not better.

I will buy a Blu-ray recorder, though. DVD is helplessly, miserably small. I want "more" space and to me the more is the better.