Blockbuster set to release set-top box

Attention movie aficionados: Bluckbuster is reportedly in the process of building a set-top box that can stream movies to your TV. Responding to Microsoft's Xbox 360's movie downloads and Roku player's Netflix rental services, Blockbuster is also trying to revive its offering with fresh new digital goodness.

The new box will reportedly use Blockbuster's Movielink rental service and will be powered by Intel chips. Blockbuster's set-top box is said to be released before the end of this year, hopefully in time for the holiday season. An exact release date, further specifications or manufacturer information have not been made public yet.

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They're a little too late. At least with me they are. I already have a Xbox 360 with a XBL Gold account, and a Netflix account. Now with news that The Xbox 360 will be able to stream HD movies from Netflix too (even though they're not really "HD", but better than DVD), Blockbuster will need to pull a rabbit from it's hat to top that.