Blockbuster Tests Pricing, New Formats

No. 1 movie rental chain Blockbuster Inc said on Thursday it was testing pricing for its rental formats and will experiment with its store layouts to add downloading stations, books or beverages in a bid to shore up its customer base. Chief Executive Jim Keyes said that while raising prices could boost results almost immediately, he preferred to take an approach that was mindful of customers. "Are we raising prices? No, as of today," Keyes told a company analyst day in New York. "What I don't want to do is raise them three or four times."

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I left blockbuster in August September after they canceled me without warning. I was considering continuing at the raised price of $25, but coming off $18. $7 hikes is a one time only thing. I simply told them Netflix tried the same thing and is still recovering. Guess Blockbuster has to learn the hard way. Till they lower the price back down, I'm staying far away. I gave up and went back to netflix after 2 1/2 year absence. $17 a month, get the dvd to and fro in a day and about 18 hours of free online movies. Mostly watch documentaries though there.

I haven't been to Blockbuster in years. They were too expensive and the one location that's anywhere near me is 25 minutes across town so I started renting at Movie Gallery. I got tired of paying per movie rental so I moved to Netflix. Now I rent about 12 movies a month for $16.99.

All my local BlBust's are franchises so they suck hard. I also paid $5 for a Rewards Card with a convenient clause that says that they aren't responsible for free movie vouchers "lost in the mail".

Netflix for the win. I recently became a Netflix subscriber and now I can't imagine how I went without it for so long.

But seriously, if Blockbuster wants to save their asses, they ought to investigate a "membership" fee. Do the same thing for stores as they do online - pay $10/month and you get say 3-4 rentals, 1 at a time, and on up from there.

What a freakin' bald-faced liar. While it is true they did not RAISE prices, exactly, what they DID DO is reduce the level of service you get for the same monthly fee. That's why I cancelled them about 2 months ago.

They sent me an email saying essentially "although you signed up for a plan which provides UNLIMITED in-store exchanges, we are going to reduce that to NOT A SINGLE DAMN ONE." They offered to upgrade me for an increase in fees of course and I told them to go screw themselves.

They have since given me a month free of 3 at a time to try to lure me back (but still no exchanges) so when that month is up I will be cancelling again and going back to NetFlix.

I hope Blockbuster goes down hard and costs all their investors MILLIONS! Tight-assed schmucks.

Download stations would be great. Imagine bringing in your iPod or USB drive, plugging in, and downloading a flick, e-book, or game. I wish retailers would install kiosks to allow consumers to download DRM-free media to their portable devices, thus saving resources needed to produce a physical CD and conserving space.

Raising prices however is a bad idea. I'm still sticking with Netflix...

Family Video here charges a whole $2.50 to rent for 5 days in HD format when they moved in blockbuster stated going down hill fast and they have been running promotions constantly but yet still charge us $5 to rent a darn movie

Wait, how is RAISING prices going to get more business? Also, I dunno about the US, but in Australia we go to a video store to rent videos and games, not to drink coffee and read books!

Skyfrog said,
It doesn't matter, Blockbuster is on the way to bankruptcy. They'll be gone soon enough.
from what i've read, with in the next 2 yrs

Skyfrog said,
It doesn't matter, Blockbuster is on the way to bankruptcy. They'll be gone soon enough.

If someone wants a reference to what skyfrog just said head over to cNet for the details behind why BB may be going down the drain.

screw blockbuster in general.. there general rental fee's are rather high compared to smaller local stores i have around me.

generally speaking, local places around me you can usually rent a movie etc for 3 dollars tops for a day or so. same stuff at blockbuster is usually 5-6+ dollars the last i checked... cause for the most part what blockbuster does is let you rent something for quite a bit longer than the local places near me do, but charges you much more to do it. which sucks if you ask me cause generally speaking who really needs to keep a movie for more than 2 days tops? , since usually if you rent it your probably going to watch it that night maybe the next day tops... so your basically "forced" to shell out more money for more time which you probably aint going to use anyways.

thank god for the internet, if you catch my drift

Ya at my local video club you can get 2 new releases for 1 day for 5.75$ on mon-thur, on fri-sun its i think 10$ for 3 new releases.

Old releases are 2$ for 1 day or 3 old releases for 3 days for 6$. (this is the option I use a LOT).

And their selection kicks Blockbuster in the nuts, especially when it comes to TV-On-DVD.

raise prices? how 'bout LOWERING them ? thank god i got the montly pass online rentals which i switch in store for free. that's a good thing.

they should implement the movie streaming online option, like netflix has. that'd be a good thing.

only reason i haven;t switched to netflix is because netflix doesn;t have stores i can stroll into and look at all kinds of movies. i find it easier if i have the actual dvd in my hand.

another option for blockbuster. is to have stations at each isle. that you can scan a dvd before you rent it. and it plays its theatrical trailer for that movie. would be a good thing. sometimes descriptions aren;t that good.

just my two cents on this!