Blockbuster UK: 'Record' pre-orders for Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft has yet to get a specific launch date or a price for its recently revealed Xbox One console, but that isn't stopping some retailers from offering pre-orders for the upcoming gaming and entertainment device. One of them is Blockbuster UK which gives residents in that part of the world a way to put down a £20 deposit for the console.

Today, according to a MCV report,  Blockbuster UK claims that since it started taking pre-orders for the Xbox One last week, it has broken all of its previous pre-order records in the 24 year history of the company. Blockbuster UK did not give out specific pre-order figures, with the company's head of games James Morton saying only that Blockbuster UK was " ... delighted by the huge number of pre-orders that we have received so far for the new Microsoft console."

This early response from consumers would seem to show that there is a ton of interest in the Xbox One, even though Microsoft's reveal last week was criticized at the time for not showing enough information on its games. A recent poll on Neowin showed that over 33 percent of the readers who participated said they would buy an Xbox One console at launch, with another 28 percent waiting until 2014 to get the console.

Source: MCV | Image via Blockbuster UK

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Blockbuster UK is a failing brand and company, I'm quite frankly surprised the few remaining stores keep going at all.

So the numbers recorded here aren't exactly indicative of interest in the new console. More trusted numbers would have to come from the likes of Amazon etc.

While this is probably taken out of context it wouldn't suprise me if the Xbox turns out to be more popular in pre-order than the PS4. X360 and PS3 have sold about the same amount of units but PS3 had to catch up. They started selling more units as the price dropped.

It stands to reason that core gamers buy a new console earlier so while PS3 sold about the same amount as X360, Xbox has more core gamers. Which would also explain why the average amount of games sold per console is higher on X360. This is a starting advantage for Microsoft. But its an advantage Sony used to have so it wouldnt suprise me if fortunes change again this generation.

Spicoli said,
I think the bottom line is Xbox has the Kinect. Otherwise they're basically the same product.

Xbox has Kinect and cloud features.. I don't think Sony has the capability of 300,000 servers..

you guys think maybe a lot of these pre-orders are hoarders that want to resell at a higher price? we saw similar things with the Wii U, the PS3, XBOX360 and the Wii

maybe people think this will be the system to make a quick buck on

Makes sense. If MS does release a newer refined 360 for less, the console's support life cycle will even be longer. I think they want to have long term success like the PS2 has, in hopes that a greater install base will be available for future console adoption.

Javik said,
Anyone that orders one of these has my deepest sympathy.

interesting, but your sympathy isn't needed here sir. people will enjoy their purchases just the same I hope you enjoy yours, whatever it is.

Javik said,
Anyone that orders one of these has my deepest sympathy.

Ridiculous. This is a game console. I am probably going to get the PS4 as well, especially if the exclusives entice me. Both offer alternative philosophies to gaming, but both are equally valid as they reach the same end goal: gaming + a bunch of other stuff since we have the hardware available to do it.

Funny, with all the hatred vs the Xbox One.... So much FUD i daily come across with the Xbox One.

With sources of sketchy sites or to articles back when it where rumors.

Seeing the internet community is favoring PS4, funny to see they're breaking records

Microsoft, please come with a Xbox version of PSN+ and I shall consider it.

As if I'm gonna pre order a console at Blockbusters... thats like going out and buying a voucher from HMV

there are currently over 500 blockbuster stores operating in the u.s,and over 200 in the UK.

with the much smaller amounts of stores that are left operating compared to the past,and to get record breaking pre orders speaks volume. the xbox one is a hit even before anyone knows much about it. The xbox brand is just too damn strong.

1) didn't know blockbuster sold anything still 2) pre-order from blockbuster? eh I'd rather have GameStop or amazon numbers....

Tom said,
Blockerbuster still exists?

And apparently you can preorder a console there? I had no idea...

But I call nonsense on this whole thing. How many people preorder a console without yet knowing the cost, the release date, or many of the features of the console? It's a bit bizarre.

I did a double-take as well when I read this headline. The local Blockbuster in my area no longer exists, and I never knew that they sold consoles either. Shocking, but not really.

the better twin said,
Yeah Neowin fell into the trap of giving credence to their thinly veiled plea for publicity.

You preorder to make sure you get one at launch. If when price is released and u don't like it you can cancel your order. You don't have to have a price or a set date to make a pre-order.

Wether it's for publicity or not they have the One for pre-order

M_Lyons10 said,

But I call nonsense on this whole thing. How many people preorder a console without yet knowing the cost, the release date, or many of the features of the console? It's a bit bizarre.

Why not, you can always cancel a preorder if the price is too high. If you want to resell on eBay then you're going to need to get in preorders on as many sites as possible.