Blogger claims 10-year wait for Microsoft tech support call

The semi-anonymous blogger whose account earlier this week about getting a tech support callback from Microsoft Corp. a decade later generated heavy interest and conspiracy theories among techies posted a follow-up late Wednesday, in which he insisted "this is not a hoax." The blogger, who reveals his initials to be BIC and his first name to be Brian, also says that the "back to the future call" was about a downed Internet connection -- not about a Windows system crash, aka the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). He also wrote: "Microsoft's calling me back is a testimony to their superior technical support."

In his Wednesday post, Brian "revealed" the phone number that Microsoft technical support left for him, though, apparently shy now because of the publicity his post has generated, he has not called back. That could help Microsoft confirm the case's legitimacy. The company earlier said it was taking the incident seriously and trying to trace the incident.

Microsoft did not immediately return a request Thursday for a follow-up comment. However, it had earlier cast doubts, based on its support processes, on the likelihood that an outstanding tech support case could go on for ten years and suddenly be revived.

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What a load of idiocy!!

That's a one off...these things happen. Doesn't make possible the largest IT invested company in the history of the planet become a pile of crap overnight.

Jesus, everyone sharpens the knives at the sound of Microsoft on a news item.

working in tech supoprt, if you see a call is 10 years old, even if it has not been replied to , you just delete it as obviously the customer either has forgoten all about it or fixed it themselves....and when did MS ever take calls on downed internet connections????

Can someone even name a single product that Microsoft supports for 10 years?

If not...then this is a complete fabrication.

> Brian concludes his post "Well, gotta get ready for a date 2-night... so over and out."

...and so is that.

(backslash said @ #4.1)
If they make contact with him they will likely try to get him to upgrade to Vista!

On 10 year old hardware?

Talk about old news, and changing the words around.

1: This was posted a week or 2 ago.

2: He wasn't WAITING on techsupport to call him, from the origional story, this was a customer service call back to make sure everything was ok... it was supposed to be a week later, but the lady keyed in 08 instead of 98 for the year.

(theyarecomingforyou said @ #4.1)
Even so that's still hilarious.

No not really, this happens all the time everywhere! working in tech support in the past , I seen all kinds of stupid mistakes.