Bloomberg: iPad Mini arrives in October with 7.85-inch screen

A new report by Bloomberg states Apple's long-rumored iPad Mini will arrive in October. The report cites "four people familiar with the plans" as its sources.

In addition to the launch month, Bloomberg also claims the new iPad will feature a 7.85-inch screen (compared to the normal iPad's 9.7-inch screen). The report states the screens will be manufactured by LG Display and AU Optronics; TPK Holding and Yeh Chang Technology (a Foxconn subsidiary) will supply the lamination coating for the new tablet. Three of the sources said that Sharp could eventually manufacture screens for the iPad Mini, although it would not be an initial supplier.

When Bloomberg contacted Carolyn Wu, a spokeswoman for Apple, she declined to comment.

Rumors of Apple's iPad Mini have heated up in recent months, including reports of how the tablet will supposedly look. Previous reports had indicated the iPad Mini would be announced alongside the next version of Apple's iPhone sometime next month, although a more recent report corroborates the October launch. The smaller iPad is reportedly being manufactured to take on Amazon's Kindle Fire, the most popular Android tablet, as well as other 7-inch tablets. In addition to being smaller, the iPad Mini would also feature a price tag much lower than its larger counterpart.

Source: Bloomberg

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WaveZero said,

And I was holding out until Apple released a 0" iPad aka nothing!

But then they'd be suing everyone who makes nothing.

I imagine Apple will sue all 7 inch tablet makers shortly. Merely changing the size isn't novel enough to be free of the Apple patent on the almighty rectangle.

techbeck said,
I am guessing around the 300-400 price range. Would be surprised if it is under 300.

£400 would make it the price of the iPad. What would be the point? Apple are not stupid and they know that the success of the 7" tablets is not just form factor. It's price. The Nexus 7 isn't the most impressive tablet ever, but at £159 who cares! It's a bargain and cheap enough to be able to buy without needing to justify its purpose. If Apple are smart the iPad Mini will be £249.

techbeck said,
I am guessing around the 300-400 price range. Would be surprised if it is under 300.

They already sell the iPad 2 for $399, and that was a price set back in March. This device is basically going to be an iPad 2 with smaller case, smaller screen, and smaller battery. Should be cheaper to make on all counts. I would guess $299 at the most. $249 would be pretty likely. $199 is possible but really pushing it.

Jose_49 said,
I wonder... would it have retina, or camera? Or would we need to wait for 3 generations more for getting them?

I would guess front facing camera and no retina. Rear camera is a maybe, something like the 720p recorder that's on the iPod touch.

Retina would be a good feature for the second generation when margins aren't so tight.

siah1214 said,
Does it come with sandpaper to file user's fingers down to points?

By going with an almost-8" screen, it will let you use full size iPad apps while keeping UI elements the same size as they are on the iPhone and iPod touch because of how the DPI works out. Seems like a pretty good compromise to me.