Bloomberg: Microsoft's Board wants new CEO by end of 2013

Ever since Steve Ballmer’s announcement that he would be retiring from Microsoft in the next 12 months, the internet has been ablaze with speculation about who will be the company’s next CEO. And even though Ballmer’s retirement is still many months away, Microsoft’s board wants to find his permanent replacement by year’s end.

According to a report from Bloomberg that cites “people with knowledge of the discussions,” Microsoft’s board has been hard at work interviewing CEO candidates and narrowing down the list in order to have a nominee by the end of 2013.

According to this same report, the board has already interviewed certain candidates such as Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally and former Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, who is considered by many to be one of the favorites in this race. Some candidates such as John Donahoe of eBay have declined to be considered.

Microsoft is in the middle of a major transition as well as a major purchase so whoever ends up filling Ballmer’s role will have to deal with the restructuring of the company and integrate the newly acquired Nokia division, not to mention keep Microsoft’s momentum going.

Source: Bloomberg | Image via Microsoft

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If the board is willing to forego dividends to cover salary, they can hire an external applicant.

Those who want to oust Bill as chairman would have to consider this.

I'm certain those siding with Bill want the same salary and benefits structure that both Bill and Steve succeeded with for years.

In other words, crazy CEO salaries make this a tough job to fill.

I doubt Elop will get the job because of Microsoft's internal politics but I'm rooting for him anyway. That guy has a great demeanour and I like his presenting style. Balmer always came off as a bit of a hyper goof ball on stage where as Elop is very calm and reassuring. That's what Microsoft needs right now. And despite Elop's "burning bridges" speech which turned into a disaster he was able to bring Nokia back on track and in winning form. VOTE ELOP

I vote for the Tarzan Hoarse Stephen Elop. Being CEO of Nokia, he has an edge as to what he wants to do with Nokia.

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Ray Ozzie is someone who might be a good CEO. He has that whole "vision" thing that people regularly criticized Ballmer for not having.

blerk said,
Ray Ozzie is someone who might be a good CEO. He has that whole "vision" thing that people regularly criticized Ballmer for not having.

Very true indeed. Unfortunately when he was there he was immediately marginalized by the internal warlords.