Blu-ray outsells HD-DVD in U.S. for first 9 months

Home Media Research, a division of Home Media Magazine, has found that from January 1 through September 30, total U.S. sales of Sony's Blu-ray discs amounted to 2.6 million units compared with Toshiba's 1.4 million HD-DVD discs. Since both formats launched in the spring of 2006, an estimated 4.98 million high-definition discs have been sold, including 3.01 million in Blu-ray and 1.97 million in HD-DVD through the end of September, according to Home Media. Nevertheless, Paramount Home Video said that "Transformers" had the biggest debut of any high-definition titles, selling over 100,000 HD-DVDs on Oct 16, its first day of release.

Tom Adams, president of Adams Media Research, expects for Blu-ray to lead the year overall but noted that the 18-month period of exclusivity for HD-DVDs by Paramount and DreamWorks should strengthen HD-DVD's hand this quarter: "This definitely smooths out the edge that Blu-ray had in exclusive titles and it very much strengthens HD-DVD's hand in the fourth quarter."

News source: Yahoo! News

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DVD sales eclipse HD DVD & Blu-Ray sales by such a ridiculous margin that it's fairly pointless calling one format a winner at the moment. E.g. Blu-Ray Profile 1.1 players become mandatory next week, whereas HD DVD players will be available below $200 for Christmas (reportedly), what about attach rates, etc.?

I'm currently looking form a good Blu Ray Player to go with my Samsung HDTV (1920x1080p)......

IMO Sony rock and i and most ppl i know are getting blu ray either via a player or a PS3 :p

Blu Ray sales are also winning in australia, and europe from what i've's only a matter of time.

SirEvan said,
sony rocks? you must love rootkits

What has Sony BMG got to do with Sony Pictures? Do you even know how many thousands of people are working under the Sony brand?

And in any case, XCP wasn't even developed by Sony BMG, it was developed by First 4 Internet, so for Sony Pictures to use this rootkit technology in Blu-Ray (which Sony do not even own), it would be gross infringement of both Sony BMG's and First 4 Internet's copyrights.

Sigh.. you can only lead fanboys to water...

Baked said,
Blu Ray sales are also winning in australia, and europe from what i've's only a matter of time.

Blu-ray is losing terrible in Europe, only a few weeks ago is was reported that HD DVD outsells Blu-ray in Europe at a factor of 3:1!

And with sub 200$ HDDVD Player in the US and the record breaking Transformer release, big changes are bound to happen.

dude u must live here.. what u read is pointless...

Blu-ray is selling well cuz there is only bluray available...

HDDVD is starting to push its face thro the door in AUS then we will see who wins... the end of next year will give the real image of whos foots in the door...

Few people have even moved to HDTV, period. So I don't see this media format hitting majority homes for a very long time. DVD is still useful and mainstream in its own right. Look how long it took for VHS to be phased out.

BETA had the same great start, then fell flat on it's face.

The only reason why it's outselling is because people know it's on PS3 so they relate to the product more.

None of this BS matters!!!!!!

The porn industry is going with HD-DVD so blueray will loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simple as that!!!! And I love how the article does not even mention the hd-dvd drive for xbox 360.

majortom1981 said,
Does this all the blueray titles given away with ps3?

Sure. Same way it counts for the movies given away with HD-DVD players.

i dont think even a combination of these 2 formats will penetrate the market the way DVD did

agree, i wont get any of those HD formats until they settle it, anyways a ps3 helped a lot in a blu ray camp, no if HD-DVD its integrated inside the xbox360 things will change

as bluray & HDDVD are used for watching HD movies, the outcome really depends on the movie studios. bluray is somewhat leading right now, and at some points HDDVD may lead. as long as theyre pretty much divided, both bluray and HDDVD will be around for a long time. i really dont see either of these formats dying.

if you want to experience movies in HD, you'll need BD and HDdvd players. i guess that with time over the next couple years dual format players will get popular and drop in price. at the end of the day, i dont think even a combination of these 2 formats will penetrate the market the way DVD did

the only reason they r winning is because of the PS3, people (parents) buy the damn machine to play not to watch movies, the people who wants to see a HD movie go for a HDDVD like myself, i dont need a gaming console

Actually many people that want to watch hi-def content go with the PS3 because it's cheap AND a console. YOU might go for HD-DVD but that says nothing about other people (in fact the success of Blu-Ray suggests the opposite).

XP1 said,
I don't care about quality. Blu-ray Disc (200GB) sounds better than HD DVD (60GB). :)

Where are you getting 200 GB? I've never read it holds that much, yet.

RAID 0 said,
I'm with you on that one. I really dislike Sony. :(

i agree, screw sony they dont deserve more power as they shafted people over with rootkits etc.

me personally if i had a choice only reason i would want blu-ray is for it's STORAGE... for movies i would prefer HDDVD.

but one thing im sure most people will agree with me on is.... it sucks having these exclusive titles for either hddvd or blu-ray ... they need a standard for which ALL movies come to like the standard DVD has now.

RAID 0 said,
Where are you getting 200 GB? I've never read it holds that much, yet.

Theoretically, Blu-ray Discs can support 8 layers of 25GB each, for a total of 200GB.

Galley said,

Theoretically, Blu-ray Discs can support 8 layers of 25GB each, for a total of 200GB.

Theoretically, people can travel to the edge of the universe.

Theoretically I could whup chuck norris's butt......get the point?

Galley said,

Theoretically, Blu-ray Discs can support 8 layers of 25GB each, for a total of 200GB.

Yeah, but they only come in single and dual layer. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just saying they're no where NEAR the 200 GB mark, *YET*.

With 5million and counting PS3s out there Blu-ray is probably going to win the war. Lots of people have a PS3 and don't even know what a Blu-ray is to inform the consumer.

Personally, I believe the reason Blu-Ray is 'winning' is because it was created mainly by a big studio. (Gasp! Sony!)

So, Sony will only produce Blu-ray disks, and they have a huge catalogue of movies already ( meanwhile Paramount HV:

Either way, what I'd like to know, is how much of each title sold BR/HDDVD, and how many of those films were 'hits' vs the others.

(Example, if Blu-Ray got mainly Spiderman 3, and other high-numbers films, while HDDVD got films like An Inconvenient Truth)

Sony didn't "create" blu ray just like that. Sony is not "a studio", but a CE company that happens to own a studio. BD's mainly backer is Sony the same way HD-DVD has Toshiba.

And I believe the sony/columbia/tristar catalogue is not big enough to guarantee a victory over ALL the other studios. If I'm not mistaken, Warner is the one that has more market share in the home video business.

Anyway, basically all main studios have patents on both formats (except for columbia, I suppose).

The reason BD is winning is because the PS3 will obviously sell more than than any next-gen standalone player

Blu-Ray is winning, and it will probably stay that way. Interesting that the PS3 has a role in this critical battle of DVD technology...

Lt-DavidW said,
Not surprising though if you can remember how much the PS2 influenced initial DVD sales.

I bought a PS2 as I needed a DVD player. The bonus was it played PS2 games. I was happy with my decision.

I bought a PS3 as I needed a HD media player. The bonus is it plays PS3 games. I am happy with my decision.

I just hope Blu-Ray continues to be the HD media of choice. No doubt the PS3 is what's pushing this. Like myself the huge price drop of recent PS3 will hopefully make Blu-Ray even more popular.