Blubster is back as BitTorrent client with integrated video playback


Using the proprietary MP2P protocol (developed by Pablo Soto), Blubster was a highly popular piece of software dedicated entirely to music sharing.

Blubster is now back as a efficient torrent client that makes downloading and sharing files easily. It's lightweight, easy to use interface makes using the BitTorrent protocol a breeze. Boasting simple features, along with fast download speeds makes it an excellent choice for all of your BitTorrent needs, and best of all - Blubster is now Open Source and absolutely free. With a tiny impact on your available memory, you'll never notice your computer slow down when you use it.

Blubster also includes an integrated HD media player (built upon MPlayer) with reliable codecs so you can play nearly all popular file types without hassle. Browse all your downloaded content from within the program, play videos automatically with the embedded player and any other files with the associated viewer.

Download: Blubster 4.0.2 | 568 KB (Open Source)
View: Blubster Website

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Tried and I like the interface overall (even though it could show more details about the torrent being downloaded though) however I uninstall it quickly, it won't work while using a VPN.

looks like the website is down.

Edit: dont know what happen, after some refresh i can finally access the website.

Edit 2: Nope, too many downgrade from Tixati. gonna stick with tixati,

Edited by dota17, Apr 11 2014, 2:28am :