BlueStacks App Player is a free software download that allows users to quickly run their favorite Android apps on any Windows PC, tablet or laptop. In addition, the apps can be run full screen providing a unique and new user experience. With 56-percent of smartphone consumers purchasing an Android device, it’s apparent that Android is rapidly becoming a preferred operating system. The BlueStacks App Player now gives users one-click access to their favorite Android apps right on their Windows PC. Both Windows and Android users stand to benefit greatly from this capability. For application developers in the Android ecosystem, the BlueStacks App Player opens up a market of over a billion PC users. BlueStacks does not require any additional work on the part of developers and the apps run unmodified on the Windows PC.

Download: BlueStacks | 9.8 MB (Freeware)
Link: Home Page | Forums

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I would rather buy an Android device than use this. It brought my high-end machine to its knees. Such a drain on resources

Note: If you want to run it in Windows 8.1, install it in Windows 8 compatibility mode with administrator rights.
That tip solved my "Downloading runtime data..." problem ;-)