BMW helps to create a cool looking PC ... really

Designs for PCs have gotten more and more creative over the years as companies move away from the dull looking black or white desktop tower case. This week, it was announced that a subsidiary of the BMW Group has created a rather interesting new design for a gaming PC that will be shown next week at the Computex trade show in Taiwan.

BMW's press release has some of the details on the product, dubbed the M8, which the company's DesignworksUSA created for Taiwan motherboard maker ASRock. The small form factor PC was made so that it can be used in the typical desktop tower position or it can be laid flat, like a console (the images that BMW provided are obviously art pieces and not photos of the actual M8).

Part of the case is transparent so that its owners can check out the motherboard and other parts of the M8, and the side panels on the PC are magnetic so they can be removed quickly; no screws needed, apparently. The press release states:

The front knob is a multi functional control button with an integrated OLED display. It shows an array of information so that no extra monitor is needed. The knob, called A-Command, provides information on the systems` status of usage and heat, date and time and it allows adjusting the volume and the fans inside the tower.

There's little information about the M8's hardware specs, apart from it having 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth v4.0 wireless support and a Creative SoundCore 3D quad core processor. Hopefully we well learn more about the M8 next week at Computex.

Source BMW via Engadget | Images via BMW

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So, will this PC run all other packets off the super-highway when I surf the internet?
...and make me a complete toolbox?

devn00b said,
My current case was designed by BMW, and Its not bad, I can see this being really cool.

Which? I have the Cosmos II, very good case.

At the first picture, the powerbutton (or at least the big round thing in the middle)
A little below, to the left. You see some USB shaped square shadows/boxes/blocks.

I think for a pc design to be effective nowadays, they'd have to design the mouse, monitor and keyboard too.....otherwise it's just another random case.

Ah, I had hoped it was just a case... because Level 10 was a real shyte :-(

Magnetic side panels, though, would seriously hinder the ability to sit on the side panel to get it closed and tightened with screws because there's no place for all the wiring lest you want it all to look like an alien ant farm.

UseLess said,
Is it big? is it small? either way...interesting box! I imagine it will be phenomenally expensive tho =P

Well, it says "small form factor" in the article, and it looks square, so it's probably using a Mini-ITX motherboard.

UseLess said,
Is it big? is it small? either way...interesting box! I imagine it will be phenomenally expensive tho =P

Yeah, it's pretty neat looking, but I'm sure it will be a fortune...