Bookmark Manager 4.0.6

Bookmark Manager (BKM for short) is an open source tool for managing your bookmarks. The Bookmark Manager is one of the feature-richest bookmark management tools around.

A short and incomplete list of features:
* Import and export from/to: Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla, Opera, HTML pages
* Check bookmarks for dead links
* Check for duplicates
* Fast even when managing hundreds or thousands of bookmarks
* Manage bookmarks in independent databases
* Open bookmarks files directly from an FTP server
* Available in three languages: English, German and French

What's New:
* Fixed a bug with encoding when exporting HTML pages (1607526)
* Fixed a display bug in tooltips where "&" would act as an underline
* Fixed a bug with all import functions (incl. sync) where the character "&" was being removed due to my HTML decode functions (162867''.
* Added new Spanish translation
* Added new German translation.
* Updated installer to Inno Setup 5.1.9

Download: Bookmark Manager 4.0.6 (freeware)
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Home Page

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I can personally assure you that BKM does not zap any of your bookmarks.

It's good that you have a solution but for some users that want to be syncronized between more than just two browsers, it's a good thing to have. It does have some problems but it works quite well.

I tried out a lot of apps like this when looking for a way to keep IE and Firefox bookmarks in sync, but all seemed badly buggy (one even zapped my Bookmarks file to death!) -- I ended up using PlainOldFavorites,

which means I just use my Favorites directly in Firefox. Best thing about this is changes can be propagated *to* Firefox while it's running, no need to restart. Downsides are slightly slower opening of Favorites list in Firefox, loss of features like Live Bookmarks and shortcut keys, no drag'n'drop of URLs, and shorter limit of characters in URL (can be a problem if you like long bookmarklets). For all that, very useful especially in a networked environment.

The mini release is geared towards current users that are upgrading to the new version, the full version includes all the runtimes needed for new users.

What's the difference between the "full" and the "mini" release? I couldn't find a description of the 2 different releases.