Bose announces "Energy Efficient Series" for the Chevy Volt

Bose has announced that it will "debut its Energy Efficient Series sound system in the 2011 Chevy Volt". Using what will be a proprietary design, the system is currently 30% smaller, 40% lighter and will use 50% less energy than a standard Bose sound system all while delivering premium, high quality audio.

This is especially important for the upcoming launch of the Chevy Volt as the car is slated to run 40 miles on electric power alone. GM is looking to use as little electricity as possible for all of its components and Bose has delivered on the audio front.

Bose maintains that it did not sacrifice its standards and that the clarity, dynamic range and accuracy are all up to their standards. "By using advanced switching amplification, high motor force speakers and proprietary control circuitry, the amount of power the system uses is reduced by half. Energy Efficient Series audio components are lighter and smaller than comparable Bose components, helping to reduce overall vehicle mass."

The Chevy Volt, while not the first mass produced EV, will help to change cars as we know it. It will begin a long slow transition to electric powered vehicles and will help to leave our oil burning engines behind. The Volt is expected to launch in 2010.

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Speakers while is a important part to create a hi-fi system but also the surround and ambiance is key to create such system, so the interior of a car is not suited for a hi-fi system. Hence, its pretty pointless to pay premium just for a unfulfilled promise of better quality.

Theres a lot of Bose bashing here, I've not used any of their products apart from their in ear headphones which I got for free - but they are easily the best headphones I've ever had, and far out perform anything else Ive used. Though if they hadnt been free theres no way I would have paid £80 which is the rrp on them. Normally I wouldnt pay more than £30 for headphones, but the sound and comoft of them is unmatched to anything else I know of.

Try comparing the Bose ear buds to the premium Zune ones. The Bose get destroyed (and the Zune's are a fraction of the cost).

Oops, I guess you would have to import them to try them.
WTH Microsoft...release the bloody thing outside of NA.

Bose is amazing!!!!!!!! They are such good speakers......the music coming out from them is so much louder than that coming out from my ipod earbuds hahahahaha

It's interesting that they say this will be on the chevy volt. Considering that chevy/gm just last week said they are putting on hold plans for construction of the plant that builds the motor/engine for the volt because of a lack of money. Reported on both cnnmoney and fox business

Meaning no place to build the engine>no engine>no car. So why bother?

"Using what will be a proprietary design, the system is currently 30% smaller, 40% lighter and will use 50% less energy than a standard Bose sound system"
How could they possibly make cheaper, flimsier speakers than they already do?

"delivering premium, high quality audio."
They must be talking about another company. BOSE is the Monster Cable of the audio industry.