Brace yourself: Official TMZ Windows 8 app released

The Windows Store section of Windows 8 continues to add more and more apps, both from well known companies and software organizations as well as apps that come from the smallest developers. Today, one of the most well known "news" organizations made its Windows 8 debut today.

Yes, the official TMZ Windows 8 app from Warner Bros can now be downloaded for free from the Windows Store. The app offers up news stories that follow all sorts of celebrities, from Justin Bieber to Lindsey Lohan to a ton of other "celebs" that we bet many of you have never heard of before.

The app also offers up exclusive videos and photo galleries, including a special sub section of "Sexy Snapshots" that concentrates just on ladies wearing little clothes. The app also lets users create a TMZ account so they can share their favorite stories, videos and pictures with others.

In all fairness, this kind of app does show that Microsoft is open to offering all kinds of content for Windows 8-based software that will attract all audiences, even those of us who need to find out what Britney Spears was wearing last night when she hit the clubs.

Source: Windows Store website | Image via TMZ

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Actually, the app is fine. The problem is, there are so few meaningful Windows 8 apps, that this IS news. That's not good for Windows 8.

Things better pick-up with meaningful quality apps by Christmas for the platform will be in danger of failing. I'm already going back to Android and iOS. I haven't given up on Windows 8 and my Surface, but it's about apps. MS needs to go back to it's practice of paying developers to bring their apps to the platform.

The fact that a TMZ app IS newsworthy, is a problem.

spudtrooper said,

No fan of tmz, but this generalized hate of apps is lame

people will find anything to bitch and complain about