Brazil Court Orders YouTube to Shut Down

Daniela Cicarelli and boyfriend Tato Malzoni have sex in shallow water on a public beach. The scene is filmed. Did I mention that Cicarelli is a model and Ronaldo's (the soccer player) ex-wife? So of course, in our day and age, the video makes its way on Youtube. It is the most viewed video in Brazil and the couple demand YouTube to take the video down. For every day it remains online, they want $116,000 in damages. It gets taken down but is reposted many times over and the suit drags on for many months. In December, a third suit is filed requesting that YouTube be shut down and the Brazilian court agrees to do so on January 3, 2007. Oh but Youtube is based in the United States. Houston, we have a problem.

News source: eWeek

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did the dude put seaweed in his pants or something to hide is boner in the end? LOL

search for Daniela beach sex on google.

It seems the idea of 'shutting down' actually means blocking brazilian access to YouTube, makes sense since it's more of a local scandal. Anyway, the video is already old news, there's not a single person here in Brazil that hasn't seen it.

Croquant said,
I wish lawmakers would pull their heads out of their collective behinds and stop thinking that they can "shut down" something that's on the Internet. All they do by trying that sort of thing is to make whatever they're trying to shut down more popular and more widespread and more widely available.


I never heard before about Daniela Cicarelli and Tato Malzoni. But after I've read this, googled and found immediately the link to this video :)

These guys can be sure now, that more than even people will look at their

There's no such thing as a secret ... and this proves it. The lesson: don't do something you just might regret if anyone else ever finds out about it.


look at it this way, you are in the public eye and as such there is no assumption of privacy. Meaning someone could have swam out there really quietly and taped on his shoulder and asked him if he was having a good time.

That is why it is called a "public" beach...not "private" beach. Public implies unrestricted use...

Mrmm, that must be where global warming is coming from: all these people getting their freak on in the ocean waters, causing all that increased friction, leading to warmer waters and thus global warming. Either that or it explains how our waters are getting more polluted...

lol wth if im not mistaken youtube dont allow ANY explicit video, not even nudity so i just wonder how can a SEX video its uploaded into it

Now... is it just me that notices how HORRIBLY this article has been titled? The court did no such thing as ordering YouTube to shut down... they just told them to take the video off and come up with a way of permanently blocking its reappearance!!

Oh yeah... Shut down YouTube!!!! Do they not know what YouTube has become??? Demanding to shut it off is like asking the US to give up all the atomic weapons they've got!

First of all you should except full responsibilty when your on a PUBLIC!!! beach. It wasn't private property so dont think having sex their was totally secluded. Second it didn't show anything in the first place. Last I didn't know who the **** either of the two ppl were in the video when i saw it and now i see its only made the video popular by trying to sue youtube. Their only asking for ppl to watch it by making it into publicity. They must be really stupid or it either makes you wonder if they did that on purpose.

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