Break out the beer! Untappd app released for Windows Phone 8

The weekend is almost here and for some of us that means going out on the town in search of the best beer and pubs. Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 owners have been using the Untappd app on their phones to help in this search and now Windows Phone 8 device users can get the same support.

As with the other mobile app versions, the Untappd app for Windows Phone 8 lets people find new local beers and bars, review new beers and see which beers their friends are enjoying. In a post on the Untappd blog, the app creators state that the new Windows Phone 8 version will have some extra features to help those who have had to previously access the mobile website. It states:

These include photo uploads, half star ratings, our native look & feel and much more. Additionally, the app brings with it significant speed and functionality enhancements over the mobile web app. We’re sure you’re going to love it.

This is clearly version 1.0 of the app; it does not use many of the unique features of Windows Phone 8 such as Live Tiles. However, having a dedicated app instead of using the mobile website is certainly a step up and we are sure future versions will add some features that will take better advantage of Windows Phone 8.

Source: Untappd | Image via Untappd

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Personally I think this is gonna be the new trend. There are gonna be so much different platforms out there: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Firefox Phone, Ubuntu Phone, ...

A lot of developers will make one app and port it with the newest tools to as much as platforms 'as is'. The sames that happens with games actually. Most games look and have the same features on PC, Xbox and PS3.

Developing cost time and money. And better ported apps than no ports at all.

It doesn't look like a WP app but it's better than nothing. Hopefully, the developers will work on flattening out the UI.

I really have to say that if it is a choice between a port of iOS or android app or nothing, I am damn happy with a port.

Studio384 said,
An iOS port?

They used the same tools they used for the iOS version, so yeah. Honestly I don't think every app that shows up on iOS first and then comes to WP has to have it's UI totally changed. If the developer thinks they can do it and it doesn't delay things as far as updates goes then fine, otherwise I'll just take the apps for now even if they do look the same.