Breakthrough in Blue Lasers Yields 10X Write Times

Nichia Corporation of Japan has announced a new blue-violet laser that can fill up a 54GB double-layer disc at more than 10X record speed, compared to typical 2x and 4x Blu-ray/HD-DVD format disc recorders. In other words, instead of a 50 minute write-time at 2x, the future holds a 10 minute write-time at 10x. According to blue laser expert Steven DenBaars, the key to faster write times lies in the power of the laser. Faster burn times allow the disc to be rotated at a higher speed. A 2X device can sustain a write speed of only 8.99 Mbps, while a 10X laser disc recorder can achieve a writing velocity of 44.9 Mbps.

Nichia's new blue-violet semiconductor laser diodes can reportedly operate at 320 mW (milliwatts), while the average current consumer grade blue laser devices are in the range of 20mW. "Writing speed is totally dictated by the output power. The more power you have, the faster you can spin the disk," DenBaars said. The UCSB team, led by blue laser inventor and former Nichia researcher Shuji Nakamura, recently demonstrated the world's first nonpolar blue-violet laser diodes. The technology, which is still two to four years away, could eventually produce blue laser diodes that operate in the range of 500 mW.

News source: DailyTech

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"10X Write Times"?!?! Wouldn't that make writing a full disk take 250 minutes?

Another brilliant title to accurately sum up the article.

EYES!!! Do you have them??

10X laser disc recorder can achieve a writing velocity of 44.9 Mbps.

So 45 GB can be written in 1024 seconds=17 minutes

But I guess it will take you 1024 minutes to understand what I just said.

yeah, i always burn at 2.4x on my dvd drive for quality reasons even though i think it goes all the way to 16x 10x the writing speed...Does that mean 10x the writing quality?

My DVD+-RW drive burns up to 16x. The media I bought a while back only supports 8x. I get quality burns at 4x.

More speed doesnt mean better or similar just means faster burn times. I bought one of those 52x CDRW's and I still only used it at 16x max to assure a quality burn. I find that burning at the max speed doesnt always produce quality burns.

Generally. I know what you're talking about but running at those high speeds have never put much a dent in the data files I've written, or the DVDs I've burned. I think maybe it's just with poor brand names that these occurrences may have happened, to be honest.

...writing velocity of 44.9 Mbps.

Score yet another one in the "wannabe-journalist-assisted-by-MS-Word-thesaurus' list. What in the world is 'writing velocity'? Kids, when there is no other suitable alternative for a word/phrase, USE IT. Otherwise you end up looking stupid, like this specimen here.

me personally i aint really worried about bluray or hddvd burners cause there to expensive... so by the time they get affordable for everyone this new technology should be in effect by then give or take a little. ;)

i wont be leaving standard dvd's anytime soon anyways.

Computer Guru said,
The whole point is - why the hell should you wait 4 years for Blu-Ray to get this technology if it's out there now for HD-DVD..

Huh? They use very similar laser technologies. This is something neither have yet, and that both would benefit from.

adversedeviant said,
but this isnt about hd-dvd its about blu-ray.

It's about both! Both Blu-Ray & HD-DVD use the same/similar blue laser diodes. This is about a higher powered blue-violet laser diode that can obviously speed things up. It would apply to & benefit the writing speed of both formats.