Britain's Fastest Supercomputer unveiled

A supercomputer that could help answer some of science's biggest questions will be unveiled on Monday. With the power of 12,000 desktop PCs, the mammoth machine called HECToR is the country's fastest computer and one of the most powerful in Europe. It can make 63 million calculations each second, allowing scientists to conduct research into everything from climate change to new medicines. The purpose-built machine is housed in 60 wardrobe-sized cabinets in the University of Edinburgh's advanced computing centre near the Scottish capital. After years of development, Chancellor Alistair Darling is due to attend the official launch ceremony for the 113 million pound machine.

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intel gma onboard crudmeister ofcourse but with the power of 12000 pc's who needs a graphics card. so it runs Linux huh anybody for QIII tourney rofl and 113 mil for that seems grously overpriced if you were to ask me but then nobody ever does ho hum i have an IQ of 10000000 and it gives me a headache just thinking down to its level :nuts:

The article is not very good at all. Somehow I feel like it must be more powerful than they say...12000 desktop PC's??? That's it? Not very fast at all... although I'm sure its must faster than the article says.

i think the real question is will this be used as a computer to benefit mankind or just the drug companies? i'm betting it was funded by some major drug companies that will just use it to make more money for them creating "illnesses" that require some new drug they just happen to have around.

Hope it wasnt programmed by the same people who wrote the NHS and DHSS systems, mind you at least if it was they would be able to lose their data at a much faster rate, then they would have a crisis on their hands ...

phiberoptik said,
You spelled Crysis wrong... kthx

- "Crysis" should be either italic or in quotes;
- The marks of omission are unnecessary;
- "kthx" is not a word.

Considering that my dekstop PC can make a few billion calculations per second, I can say that the BBC tech writer is pretty confused when he says this computar can only make 63 million "calculations" without further description.

Furthermore, I bet that with enough effort, Blue Gene/L could run Crysis on very high, 8XQ AA, 120 frames.

What HECToR can do is listed at HECToR (60 TFlops apparently) so the Reuters writer doesn't know anything about it really, even though the site was just a Google search away...

lunamonkey said,

Well, not 42. :S

Yes, 42. That's because the entirety of life, the universe and everything was a fundamental ****-up.