Britney Spears is number 1 search term

Yahoo unveiled their Year in the Review this week with the most searched terms, its always good to see what sort of things people have been looking for the most.

Top of the list is Britney Spears which is no surprise seeing as everyone can't get enough reading about her up and down social or personal life, second is WWE which may surprise some people but they were second last year and have this year had a big following due to celebrity's appearing on their shows. Other names on the list include President Elect Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus and Runescape.

Yahoo also released the trends for this year in different categories ranging from news to celebrities and deaths of famous people. Something that keeps popping up in the results is the Elections which this year had a massive buzz on the internet with most people searching for news on polls or just wanting to read up on the candidates. As mentioned earlier, deaths played a big part in this years results with many people wanting to read up on the news of the people they loved. Heath Ledger who died this year was top of the Farewell list followed by names such as Paul Newman, Bernie Mac and George Carlin.

You can view the complete trends and searches over at Yahoo's 2008 in Review Site.

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really? that's the craziest news story to come out when speaking about Yahoo!... Is it that they are trying to be trendy right before the buyout? I'm surprised they didn't mention "base jumping" and "graffiti tips".

No wonder everyone is jumping to avoid the crash and burn that Yahoo! has turned into in the few months.

again, Britney Spears and WWE?? really?? freeking amazing...

Good for her, I'm proud that she is back to being on top, she has accomplished so much and I respect her even more for conquering her demons. The rest of you with your snotty comments are nothing but haters. Grow up.

When sex is the only thing that sells your music, there's plenty of reason to hate. Well, I wouldn't say I hate her, more like I really don't feel sorry for her at all. Just like everyone else, she's in it for the money.

Britney spears crotch shot....

that does exist Im afraid, its almost as disturbing as 2 girls 1 cup, a friggin batcave

she's really trying hard but i have a feeling she'll come crashing down again once she is off her bi-polar meds.

Nate Archibald said,
Why was that not funny?

Wasnt meant to be funny...Spears is a stupid person and should just go away and disappear.

That doesn't mean anything to me... I've searched for Ann Coulter before, but it was definitely not because I'm a fan. I think I'll refrain from posting the rest of the search phrase, but let's just say "britney spears is kewl" is just as much a search for her as "britney spears is a washed-up mousketeer".:)

Also, this is Yahoo. That explains why they're ailing...

I'd like to see the same top search list from Google and MSN/Live.

I think this would reveal more about Yahoo's user base than anything else.

I think Yahoo is desperate to be the top-dog so they are saying "look at this top rated search. You should check it out too."

That's cos people wanted to see her coochie when she got out of her car minus knickers!

Fair play to her for getting half way back to normality though. But it's still cos people wanted to see her coochie, no other reason.....

I'm just going to congratulate Britney on making a come-back after the K-Fed, partying and hair shaving business. She's looking great. Take care of your kids!

ok... I really thinkg that Yahoo should be ashamed of publishing this list - lol
I mean really? The top-5 search strings indicate that their average user age is below the age of 15 or the IQ of a snail...

Really? That's a surprise considering I haven't heard anything about Britney in quite a long time.

As for Carlin, I always try to question everything thanks to him, even (and especially) the stupid bulls----. I hope he's down there screaming up at us, as I think of him between stuffing my face and masturbating. :P