Broadcom chip in iPhone, Ford Edge, others, vulnerable to attack

As devices increase in complexity, they become much more difficult to secure from various outside attacks. While we’re used to having to protect our computers, we have to remember that phones, tablets, and even our cars are also vulnerable to attacks.

It has been identified that two specific Broadcom wireless chips are vulnerable to a denial of service attack. Specifically the BCM4325 and BCM4329 chips allow an attacker to inject an RSN (802.11i) information element which causes the WiFi on the device to stop responding. The vulnerability affects popular devices such as the iPhone 4, iPad, and even the Ford Edge.

While the current attack does not allow information disclosure, the researchers are continuing to investigate whether this can be accomplished. The attack was first discovered in August when Core Security sent their findings to CERT. Broadcom has been in communication with their customers to release a patch that fixes the issue.

Source: Core Security | Via: Electronista | Image Via: Ford

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Broadcom, waddaya know... the same guys who make overheating chips xD I remember my AX4CMAX motherboard suffered from Broadcom.

Yeah, fords are as reliable as most other vehicles now... Except dodge. I would still avoid a dodge now. Or get one as a second vehicle with extended warranty with full coverage. I seen by buddys 3 yr old ram be completely rebuilt via warranty... what a piece of junk. owned for 8 months, in the dealers bay on a hoist for at least 3 solid months of that time, all added up. Two times a month, for 2-5 days while awaiting parts.

FWIW, broadcomm made the exploitable chipsets for moto surfboard cable modems and DD-WRT routers as well.. their out of factory security is always taken with a pinch of salt. Their chipsets preform great however.

Ford has definitely improved over the years, they actually compete with the Japanese cars these days. I've had a Ford Edge and Escape over the years and wouldn't hesitate to recommend both of them