Bruce Willis's wife denies he is in iTunes legal fight

We had a little bit of fun on Sunday when we posted word, via a UK tabloid story, that actor Bruce Willis was planning to get into a legal fight with Apple over who owns the songs he downloaded on Apple's iTunes service. At the time, the Sun tabloid claimed that Willis was wanting to give his digital song collection to his daughters before he passed away, something which Apple's policies don't currently allow.

Well, it sounds like that story has turned out to be like many that have come from the tabloids: A Twitter post today from the actor's wife,  Emma Heming-Willis, responding to a fan's remark about the reports, says simply, " ... it's not a true story."

The original story did not have any sources to confirm its report and Willis himself has yet to publicly comment on the story. However, it does seem like this report is pretty much bogus at this point.

The UK tabloid story is almost as good as this movie.

However, the debate over who owns the digital content that people download from iTunes and similar sources is still a subject of much debate.

Source: Emma Heming-Willis Twitter page | Image via Universal Studios

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