BT teams up with Motorola for city-wide Wi-Fi

BT has partnered with Motorola to provide wireless internet access in cities across the UK. Motorola will supply a Mesh Wi-Fi network infrastructure and services for six of BT's Wireless City initiatives across the UK.

Under the contract Motorola will design, deploy and manage city-wide Wi-Fi networks with BT in Birmingham and Newcastle, plus six other cities that have yet to be announced.The Mesh Wi-Fi netw orks will deliver wireless broadband for use by public services, businesses and citizens in each of the cities. The networks are designed to enable different user experiences, including extension of BT Openzone hotspots to enable wireless web access and email, contiguous Wi-Fi coverage, VPN services and wireless CCTV.

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what BBC has got HD just recently ? UK (gov of course)seems to be slow with the high-speed internet and HD

I have like 15 HD channels and i'm living in canada,quebec.

London gets too many things Well you get the BBC HD trial lol.. i carnt think of anything else but i would be supprised if this didnt happen in London sooner or later!