BT to Pump £1.5bn into Broadband

BT has announced plans to bring 40% (10million) of homes in the UK within reach of high speed fibre optic broadband by the year 2012.

In a £1.5bn investment plan, the telco has also stated that it will be putting fibre-optic cable into 1 million homes directly, rather than simply to the local area, making services to these customers even faster. BT has put the pressure on Ofcom however, stating that these changes will only be made if the regulator allows it to get a decent return on its investment.

Customers not within the 1 million lucky homes would still be offered broadband between 40 and 60 megabits per second BT has said. There was no figure given for users within the 1 million households.

In order to pay for the project BT has said it will suspend its £2.5bn share buy-back programme in July - by which time it will have returned more than £1.8bn.

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I read this as fibre straight into the home, but I was under the impression that BT was more likely to lay new fibre to the little green boxes at the end of your street, but leave the last few hundred meters or so into your home as copper. Have they changed their mind on this?

I was reading somewhere else that this is going to be a majority FTTN not FTTP(FTTH) and would work like the junky AT&T uverse system... which is basically a fiber line converted to a DSL line at at VRAD then fed to the home as a DSL line with video and internet on it...

I doubt they will upgrade my line. My exchange does not even have a scheduled upgrade to ADSL2+. I think they should spend more time upgrading lines so they are capable of receiving at least 5mb before they start any of this (i am still stuck with 0.5meg)

Hopefully they will do areas like mine which have no cable.... hopefully, since my exchange is not schedule to move to adsl2 till quarter 3 2010 and even then at my houses distance from the exchange I'd be amazed if we ended up with more than 8mbs. Isn't it Ofcoms fault BT hasn't done this already as wasn't BT not allowed to previously?

Sorry - I should have been clearer with the article. The 40% of homes in 10million, however the amount of consumers that will be offered fibre to home is only 1million. The rest will be offered 40-60mbps, rather than the 1000mbps that fibre to home rather than fibre to exchange would offer.

I would honestly imagine they have only conceded this because they finally forecast that H2O doing real FiOS installations now will cost them massively in the future. Just as they only pulled their thumb out, stopped screwing everyone for ISDN and started offering real broadband when NTL etc brought cable broadband to the country.

I would hope H2O still do very well out of this as they're installation procedure is a real boon.

Not for home consumers they certainly haven't, and any advertising claiming so should see them in court imo.

They have fibre to ABR's, they do not have fibre to the HOME. Ads some companies are running pushing the idea that their service is better than other broadband because it's 'fibre' are confusing the public, when they are still in fact running copper from the ABR to the home user.

FiOS (Fiber Optic Service) was trademarked by Verizon and is used to describe their Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) services, also known as Fiber To The Home (FTTH).

As far as I know at the moment the only company in the UK doing real FiOS/FTTP is H2O and they're doing it far cheaper than BT was last discussing, by running their cables through the sewage systems saving massively on installation costs.

really ? last time i checked it was a COPPER cable that came into my home, its only fiber out side.

agrees with what yakumo says about virgin advertising fiber optic connections.

They never claimed it was FiOS or FTTP or FTTH... only that it used Fibre optic cable (which is true even if the cable point into ur house is not) they even call it "Cable Broadband" and stated it was faster than regular ADSL (which is no lie). I think when Sky and other companies whent after Virgin ... virgin won too.

"****** Telecom"
BT has put the pressure on Ofcom however, stating that these changes will only be made if the regulator allows it to get a decent return on its investment.

Translation: BT will only do it if OFCOM promises not to throw a wobbly when BT prevents the competition from accessing any of this fibre and raises prices for anyone interested.

Yeah, it should have been done years ago, but at least it's finally happening.

Although £1 says that they don't reach an agreement with ofcom and don't go ahead with it.

More like they will charge me, the customer, extra to perform something they should have started 10 years ago.

I live in a new house, do we have fibre-optic wiring?

No, still have copper wiring.

I know my local exchange will be upgraded to adsl2 by November 18th 2008.

Should have been done years ago.