Bugs in Blogger Prompt Complaints

Google Inc.'s Blogger service has been generating a steady stream of complaints from users this year, including hours-long outages, feature malfunctions and data loss. The problems are particularly frustrating to users who migrated to the service's new version and expected to benefit from its more solid platform.

Users contacted in recent days via e-mail report a variety of problems, including the disappearance of blog entries, an inability to post comments, failed migrations to the new service, kinks with the RSS feature and unresponsiveness by Google to support requests. For its part, Google says that most bugs are isolated incidents affecting relatively few people at a time and that Blogger's stability will improve as the migration to the new platform progresses.

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FWIW, I have been experiencing much fewer problems on the New Blogger, as opposed to the original. The older system was getting so non-functional that I almost moved over to WordPress, despite its greater complexity and administration needs. I still might change, but, for now, the New Blogger is meeting my needs.