BUILD 2013: Attendees get 8-in Acer Iconia W3 tablet [Update: ...and a Surface Pro!]

Microsoft's BUILD developer conference is now well and truly underway with Steve Ballmer kicking off the event with the day one keynote. In addition to announcing the launch of the Windows 8.1 Public Preview, and of course talking up the power of the Windows ecosystem, Ballmer also revealed an exciting surprise for those attending the event. 

All attendees will be getting a 8-inch Windows 8 tablet. The Acer Iconia W3 is the smallest Windows 8 tablet available so far, along with a similarly low price tag of just $379.

Microsoft is keen to welcome these smaller devices to the Windows hardware ecosystem, although Ballmer curiously said "I wouldn't call them PCs", despite them offering all of the same functionality offered on larger Windows 8 tablets, with the added bonus of free Office 2013

Update: Windows head Julie Larson-Green has just announced that all attendees will also get a Surface Pro with Touch Cover!

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greensabath said,
Was Oprah there and told them to look under their chairs?

Ya she came out and said "You get a Surface Pro" and "You get a Surface Pro" and "You get a Surface Pro" and "You get a Surface Pro" and "You get a Surface Pro" and "You get a Surface Pro" and "You get a Surface Pro" and "You get a Surface Pro" (Insert screaming and crying here) ...

Mulsivaas said,
Yes.... you commented one minute ago and said the words "just say." This article was posted 23 minutes ago.

It was a QUESTION. Don't you understand the meaning of the question-mark? (FYI, that was a question too) Because either the developers get BOTH or the article itself was false information. But I see the article now has changed to say "ALSO get a Surface Pro"

LOL that kind of sucks. I'm glad I didn't go this year then. I thought they would give away surface pro devices, maybe even surface 2.