Building a Core 2 Duo gaming system for under $1000

When it comes time to build a new computer or upgrade an existing platform most of us will be doing it according to a set budget, always hoping to get the best bang for our buck. Then depending on our own specific needs we will select components accordingly. Gaming is an obvious category where many enthusiasts fall into and is probably the most difficult crowd to build for, as a perfect balance of components is required.

Therefore, today we have decided to try and create a high quality Core 2 Duo system using parts from well-known brand names, for under $1000. This time we are going to build the entire system from the ground up for under $1000 including a 19" LCD monitor. Given this system includes a Core 2 Duo E6300 processor, 1GB of DDR2 memory, a DVD recordable drive, Radeon X1950 Pro, 19" DVI 8ms LCD, 400GB SATAII HDD, ASUS motherboard along with case, keyboard and mouse, we think it is a pretty good buy.

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That website is pathetic. First of all you can build a cheaper system that will out perform that unit. They also forget to add a few things such as keyboard mouse and cd drive. Ummmmm, does that stuff cost money too? They also forgot to mention the price for the OS and shipping of the components. Add all of that up and see this system/platform is not worth it. That site is a bunch of kiddies with no knowledge of the computer industry. Go ahead and look for yourself. A complete waste of a link and time to bother looking at that pathetic review. I hope people do not actually frequent that site. And if so, why would you?

did you even read the summary? It clearly states:

"a DVD recordable drive, ... keyboard and mouse"

If the article is pathetic even with those features you should write up your own article that does a better job.

400 GB HDD is more than a gamer need...and here its lack a pro gaming mouse and may be a good keyboard, and of course a scroll pad for the mouse. This processor is ok for a gamer, is more important 2 GB of DDR2 800 memory 4 example.

Well obviously it's not going to be a pro gaming machine. Besides a gaming mouse will only be of much benefit in certain games. Others wont require it. I do agree the 400GB drive is ample. Infact if you wanted to save some money you could cut that back to 320 or dare I say it even 200GB and add a second later on down the road if needed.

4MB Cache will see a big performance boost over the 2MB cache. Also, in there benchmarking they did not compare Intel to AMD with the exact same specs. I hate it when people do that. IE: Using an ATI VGA card for Intel and an Nvidia for AMD. That is not an accurate benchmark.

IMHO: Spend the money and get a 4MB Cache Core 2 Duo.

The E6300 is just as good as an FX-57 at stock and can blow it away in overclocking. One X1950 XT would be better than two X1950 Pros as well, if you want to go for performance for the least cost and the most compatibility.