BundleStars brings you eight games for eight dollars

Everybody likes a bargain, and PC gaming has been pretty good for bargains in recent years. You have the seasonal Steam Sales, the Humble Bundle, and plenty of other alternatives. Prepare your credit card, folks, because there's another deal coming your way.

BundleStars is another bundle deal offering you games at a criminally low price. For £5.00/$8.01/€6.17, the bundle contains:

  • Men of War: Vietnam
  • Off-Road Drive
  • Reign: Conflict of Nations
  • Death to Spies: Moment of Truth
  • Death Track: Resurrection
  • Star Wolves 2
  • Real Warfare 1242
  • Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades

That's a lot of gaming goodness for your money. All of the games are Steam-redeemable, too! Real Warfare 2 is notable because you have to share to Facebook to receive it, or you have to wait a few days for the key to unlock. The deal is valid for another 22 days at the time of writing, so make sure you get your money in.

Personally? I'm interested in Death to Spies: Moment of Truth more than anything else. The service uses PayPal to conduct the transaction, and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Source: BundleStars

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I have about 6 Royale bundles and maybe 3 Gala bundles. Lately though, I have just been disappointed with the budles. If it were pay what you want, then I would do what I end up doing with the HIB and pay $1 for the package to test it out, and if I like it, Ill pay about $10 for the bundle and give the main package to my brother and keep the BTA for myself. I love Desura and I really appreciate the Royal bundles that they come out with.
I generally keep my eye out for the bundles on Amazon now, as the deals are just fantastic...I just picked up the THQ bundle for $9.99 and got a bunch of great AAA AND AA+/- games

RDJ said,
As a purchaser of many a HIB, Gala, Royale, BiaB, IFK....im kind of bundled out

Fortunately, I'm not. As long as the bundles do Steam/Desura games that I (mostly) don't already own, I'll still buy them.

I ordered the bundle and there was some confusion over email addresses and I didn't get the keys initially. I emailed them and got a very fast response back, they fixed the issue for me. Very friendly response from them. Total was £4.16 GBP which came out to ~$6.85 US. Great deal.

I'm seeing $6.68 on their front page. Almost $6.66 hehe. Looks like a great deal, esp. Steam supported. Death Track reminds me of the old game Death Rally (the original version).