Bungie co-founder: "Nobody wants to" play FPS games with mouse and keyboard

Bungie gave some of the first details of its next sci-fi first person shooter game Destiny earlier today, The game, which will be published by Activision, will be launched as an Xbox 360 and PS3 title and its likely that it will make appearances on next gen consoles as well.

But what about the PC? Bungie co-founder Jason Jones seems to have something of an issue playing FPS titles on the platform that started the genre in the first place. In a quote posted on Destructoid, Jones said that when Bungie first made the original Halo game, they made a lot of design decisions to reach out to a new audience. He said:

We limited players to two weapons, we gave them recharging health, we automatically saved and restored the game -- almost heretical things to first-person shooters at the time. We made the game run without a mouse and keyboard. And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo 'cause nobody wants to.

That's some pretty harsh language and we are sure that the many first person shooter PC gamers that have a keyboard-mouse set up would beg to differ with Jones's statement.

Source: Destructoid | Image via Bungie

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ChristopherSmith said,

Kniving is surely fun. Love flying in the jet, so much easier on PS3 compared to PC, you have an advantage on PC if you use a 360 controller with jets/tanks/helicopters.

Nobody huh? Well then...I don't know know what I've been using the past 4 months to play Borderlands 2. Must be a motion controller, because it sure ain't an XBox controller!

Oh, what a guy!
He is wrong about the whole FPS thing! Because most FPS Players play better with mouse and keyboard. As I mentioned on Halo 3 to PC, this would be good!

There's no way I'd want to play FPS's on anything other than mouse and keyboard. Playing on a joypad, when you're a seasoned keyboard and mouse user, is like trying to play with both hands tied - it's beyond frustrating. I'd say this guy is basically dead wrong.

People play on consoles with a joypad because they largely have no choice and because of the impracticality of using a keyboard / mouse when you're sat on the sofa in front of the TV.

I even got one of those Mouse/Keyboard converter things for my Xbox because I just can't get used to playing with a pad. But because it's not true mouse/keyboard and has to emulate the pad's movement based I couldn't get on with it. So I just went back to playing racing games and platformers on my Xbox and FPS on my PC.

Wow...way to jump to conclusions? He never said nobody wants to use mouse/keyboard. He said nobody plays the FPS same way as they did before.
That's some sensationalist crap John C.

Read his statement again: "We limited players to two weapons, we gave them recharging health, we automatically saved and restored the game -- almost heretical things to first-person shooters at the time. We made the game run without a mouse and keyboard. And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo 'cause nobody wants to."

Before Halo, console shooters weren't as popular as PC shooters. And obviously, you'd use a mouse and keyboard to play a PC shooter. When he said "And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo 'cause nobody wants to.", he implied that nobody wants to use a mouse and keyboard anymore. He also implied that no one wants to go back to health packs, non-checkpoint saving, and multiple weapons.

I agree. We can only assume that he was referring to mouse and keyboard. Maybe he was referring to the whole dynamics of health and scripts and maps and radars and cut scenes and intro levels and multiplayer and respawn enemies and blah etc....

I guess we won't know unless he clarifies.

Jason Jones, I want to play my FPSs with a mouse and keyboard, and won't do it any other way. You either make it an option, or don't and know that some people won't buy the game. Simple..

So he openly admits to ruining the FPS game genre with regenerating health and limited weapons?
Grab your pitchforks boys we gonna have a lynching

Regenerating health can be ok. Makes about as much sense as random 'health-packs' that arbitrarily fix a load of your wounds on the instant you pick them up

2 Weapons at a time though, I'll fetch the rope.

Who cares, I hope Bungie go the same way as Bizarre Creations after we were bought by Craptivision and killed for producing a game we didnt want to do. And I hope they die within a year or so of being bought.

Activision are profit driven, you fail they kill you. Enough said. Even though FPS should be played with kb/m IMO

Jason Jones is a retard. There is atleast 2 genres where a Controller is not good enough: FPS and RTS.

The keyboard and Mouse is far superior. I am happy to play Platformer games with a Controller, but otherwise I hate Controllers, it is too slow to aim in FPS and using Halo Wars as an example: the game is stupidly over-simplified. If I was in charge of Halo Wars, I'd port it to the PC, modify everything, and ultimately enable 8 to maybe 32 players in a single PVP match.

He doesn't specifically refer to just "nobody wants to play with a keyboard or mouse", he says that people don't play shooters the same way before halo, referencing recharging health, autosaves, etc. Not keyboard/mouse only.

I think we are misreading his statement... He never said anything about people not using a mouse and keyboard. He said people don't play shooters the way they used to as a general statement and to some extent that is very true.

Tbh, while I like the accuracy of my m+k, I prefer the comfort of a controller. I couldn't care less if one tech can run circles around the other, I'd rather be able to feel my wrist after 4 hours of play.

I've actually had more pain playing a console shooter than a PC shooter. My fingers would hurt and I'd sometimes get blisters on my fingertips.

As for his statement, he finished with "[...] 'cause nobody wants to." which applies to everything he said and not just the mouse and keyboard part. However, his statement isn't entirely true. There will always be people that prefer a controller and people that prefer a mouse and keyboard. He used the word "nobody" which implies everyone in terms of scope.

No he specifically said 'nobody' plays shooters using mouse/keyboard anymore. Apparently he thinks he can speak on behalf of all the gamers in the world. I can see why Microsoft decided to strip Bungie off the Halo franchise.

I can see that, it really just depends on the person. I'm a skinny guy so my wrists wear easily compared to my hands.

It's worth bringing up that Valve themselves are pushing for game-pad style gaming on the PC.

Truth is, nobody's coming up with surveys to support either side of the argument, so this whole discussion is just a circlejerk of rage.

What a fool ^^ I get shooters and RTS games on the PC as it's a much more fun experience, it's /me\ controlling my character, not some half-arsed automated aiming!

I have my PS3 for Platforming/Adventure/Racing games, which is brilliant.

I also feel like adding - I've had the misfortune to play halo a few times, I don't think I've EVER had less fun on a game. It sounds strange, being a newer game on a newer platform, but it feels like dumbed-down idiot-quake to me.

For me it's quite the opposite... I don't own a single FPS game in my PS3 because I always felt that FPS games on consoles simply SUCK. Movement is strange, aiming is a pain and switching weapons and crouching is difficult. It's because of consoles that most FPS games today are cover based (duck behind cover, wait for enemy to stop firing, get up and kill him) and you have things like recharging health.

I will always prefer the good old keyboard (WASD) + mouse combo for FPS games.

Why don't they at least give people an option to use a keyboard if they prefer it? Surely the games code can't be too complicated to include instead of giving stupid reasons why they aren't.

Remove the start menu you say, yeah seems legit.

This guy is a idiot. Console gamers are a larger market and that is all he is preaching to. Always has been always will be. Just becuase the market is smaller does not mean you alienate them.

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