Bungie helping to keep Halo PC multiplayer up and running past GameSpy shutdown

Bungie may be working to finish its long awaited new game Destiny for a September release, but one member of its team is working to help the dedicated players of its first Halo PC game continue to battle each other online past May 31st. That's the last day that the game's Internet lobby services, provided by GameSpy, will be live.

In a post on the Halo Fixes forum, member "Technut" says that he and other members of the Halo PC community have been working with Roger Wolfson of Bungie to keep the game's Internet lobby going past May 31st.  In addition, community members will create a new Master Server code that will be hosted by Bungie for Halo PC players. The update will be released for the game very soon but no specific release date was mentioned.

The port of Halo from the original Xbox to the PC was mainly developed by Gearbox Software and was first released in September 2003. In 2004, another version of the game, Halo: Custom Edition, was released that allowed users to install maps and gameplay modes that were created via Bungie's editing kit. The upcoming patch will support both the original game and the Custom Edition.

Source: Halo Fixes | Image via Microsoft

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Thanks! this game is worth saving. even though the dedicated home servers are enough to support the game. This will be great for those in other contrary's who never update. I'm guessing this is for both Halo Pc & Halo Ce

Would be great if they integrated Custom Edition's features into the main game and made them essentially one environment so we could also look and edit the single player content.

doesn't matter how many people want to play. if you provide a game and spare the costs to provide the full experience and your provider for that is leaving you should make sure you can still provide the full experience