Bungie Searches For America's Biggest Halo Fan

Microsoft Game Studios recently announced a new contest aimed at Halo fans eager to attend the upcoming Bungie Fan Fest and check out Halo 2, as well as try out the PC port of the original Halo. The "Search for America's Biggest Halo Fan" contest requires entrants to create a short film demonstrating why they are, in fact, the country's most dedicated Halo fan.

The top three videos (as voted by a panel of Bungie and Microsoft reps and to be announced on the 25th at Bungie's website) will earn their respective makers an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles and VIP passes to the Bungie Fan Fest. At the Fest, the best video of the three will be chosen, earning the lucky fan a poster signed by members of Bungie, a spot in the credits of Halo PC, as well as a free copy of the game.

Fans have until the 21st to submit their videos. For more information, see the official contest rules.

News source: Gamers.com

View: Contest rules

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