Call of Duty 3 Ships Out

Santa Monica - Nov. 7, 2006 - Get closer than ever to the fury of combat with Call of Duty® 3, as you fight through the Normandy Breakout, the Allied campaign that paved the way for the liberation of Paris and the fall of Nazi-occupied Europe. Players will feel the rush of unrelenting action as they challenge German forces from four allied sides through single and multiplayer missions that unfold like a gripping and epic war movie experience. Call of Duty 3 from Activision, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: ATVI) Treyarch is on sale now for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for a suggested retail price of $59.99, as well as both the Xbox® video game and entertainment system and the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system each for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

"Call of Duty 3 brings players closer than ever to the intensity of combat," said Will Kassoy, senior vice president of global brand management, Activision, Inc. "Gamers will be instantly transported into a seamless narrative, set on a gritty battlefield that features the most highly detailed environments, amazing effects, realistic weapons and soldiers and more for an epic experience."

Built from the ground-up, Call of Duty 3 takes full advantage of next-generation technology and a new physics engine to deliver a living battlefield where cover is ripped apart by gunfire and explosions; blades of grass are trampled beneath tank treads and soldiers' feet and uniforms wrinkle and fold like real fabric. Battle Actions require players to engage in life-or-death, hand-to-hand combat with enemies, plant explosives and fire mortars, further immersing them into the most authentic WWII experience to date.

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Obviously this isn't isn't good enough for PC standards! They'll be making a competely different version for the PC which blows anything offered on the PS3 or 360 out of the water.

There will be a version released for PC, but it will be a different game, with a different title...instead of just CoD3. Some other forums have the name up already.

I don t know why but I think that Microsoft its all behind of this to show to the world how "important" and "cool" and "exclusive" its the X360 ... I'm wander how much have been pay M$ to activision to release this title on X360 only !!!
Stupid STUPID marketing sh*t stuff !

Its got nothing to do with MS...COD3 will also be released for Sony's PS3 (read the article & you'll see it's already available for PS2 (but god knows how bad that will look).
No doubt though, that MS will be looking to get average joe who's dithering between X360 or PS3, to go with their machine this Xmas by releasing some good titles now before PS3 gets a foothold early next year.

Quote - Max2Go said @ #8
I don t know why but I think that Microsoft its all behind of this to show to the world how "important" and "cool" and "exclusive" its the X360 ... I'm wander how much have been pay M$ to activision to release this title on X360 only !!!
Stupid STUPID marketing sh*t stuff ! :(

You forget that while X360 is a microsoft platform, "games for windows" is as well. On X06 convention X360 games were announced to be released to PC later as well - I expect so for Gears of War.

Still think it's rather lame of activision not to release a PC version right away. They got that big because of the PC community; it's rather a stab in the back.

This version wasn't made by original PC developers, and have read on other forums that some form of COD3 may be made for PC. (if at all).
Seems shortsighted just doing console versions, when it's been us PC users that have made the series the success it is. (bloody cheek if being honest).
Thank god the developers of Assassins Creed have decided to make PC version, as well as for consoles. Now there's something different to look forward to...

seems like these big studios are abandoning PC platform, only a handful of new games are on the pc top ten charts otherwise they're all oldies. In comparison the consoles charts features a roster of new games making the top ten every other month.

Dont get me wrong im not against consoles, i'd like X360 to host the new 60nm processor and a bigger HD n i'll snap one in a jiffy. PS3 meh not liking at the moment.

I don't think thats really an issue of how many games or even what games are coming to the PC but it's just a sign that the dominant market for PC games are the casual gamers, those that purchase more family oriented games like the sims and sim city ect.

Thats not to say PC's aren't getting games and good ones...they just dont sell as well due to who seems to be buying the pc games. Also cost may be a factor too for many people, alot of those older games are quite cheap and thus probably quite appealing to parents.

Your right in that PC's dont get as many releases, but to be honest I've had more PC releases that I've been interested in this year than console ones (and those that were multi format were better done on the pc anyway).

Stupid from Activision to not do a PC version when you have saw CoD1 and CoD2 being the top 10 played game on PC.