Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to be revealed this Saturday!

After several sites (Neowin included) reported that Call of Duty 4 was to possibly be revealed this Saturday by Infinity Ward, people have been eagerly waiting to find out any information. Well now we have information, and it is now confirmed that indeed this Saturday, Infinity Ward will debut the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare trailer during the NFL Draft on ESPN at 10 AM Pacific time.

That's right, we said trailer. How long, what will be shown, and what platforms will the game be on is anyones guess at this point. But all things considered (and rumors as well) Call of Duty 4 should be PC exclusive for awhile, then shoot on over the Xbox 360/PS3 at some point. My guess is this trailer will be one of those cinematic jobs, to showcase the game and get people pumped up for more. Duh.

So this Saturday at 10 AM Pacific, get ready to join the modern age of warfare with Call of Duty 4. And watch the trailer on ESPN, or wait for it to be posted online of course.

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Wish they would have done the Vietnam War instead. Not enough games covering that war, the last good game was Vietcong1(the sequel was crap), not sure how good the current CoD engine would be for it. If they uses the Cryengine to make a Vietnam War game that would look so good.

I LOVED Vietcong. I still think to this day that Vietcong is one of the most underrated games EVER. Problem with the game now is, well two for me. One, the servers that are still left (and there are quite a few actually) are run by snobby people (at least to me) and two, you can't run Windowblinds and play the game online??! The anticheat system thinks your hacking because of the hook Windowblinds runs. lol.