Call of Duty 4 vs. Halo 3: Fight!

Not much to say about this story, other than the story is by Gamepro - and they are pitting two of the biggest games of the year against each other. Comparing graphics, story, multiplayer and other such things. Which game will come out on top? Which game will be the better multiplayer game? Well I'll give you a hint which game Gamepro thought was better:

It isn't Halo 3.

Hit the view link and jump over to the story for the in depth look at both games and why Gamepro feels Call of Duty 4 is the better game.

View: Call of Duy 4 vs. Halo 3 @

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Alright, I spent all weekend playing CoD 4 at my friends house, and yeah, mind you, this game is ****ing nuts. One of the best FPS experiences i had. The single player campaign plays so brilliantly, it sorta felt like some kinda interactive movie at first. I think its the first REAL next-gen game. Halo 3 has got nothin' on CoD 4.