Call of Duty: Black Ops becomes fastest selling game

The long anticipated Call of Duty sequel, Black Ops has become the fastest selling game of all time it has been reported.

VGChartz have reported early sales figures which point to the game selling 7million units on its debut release. There was apparently 4.5million pre-orders for the game, which may make the record breaking number a little more believable.

If the predicted 7million copies sold is in fact true, it would mean Black Ops gains a 10% larger launch sale over its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Predictably, XBOX 360 took the largest share of the sales with 59% of Black Ops gamers choosing that the platform. PS3 came second with 36% and PC, Wii and DS had the remaining sales.

Four million gamers have took to the Internet and connected to Xbox Live in order to play Black Ops online. It was predicted that 3.6million of the 7million were US sales with 1.4million in the UK. Canada comes fourth with their love for the Call of Duty series with a sales figure of 350,000, falling behind continental Europe, predicted to be over 1million.

Many were sceptical whether Black Ops would out sell its predecessor but with these new figures it seems it may have done exactly that. Some were reporting the game to be disappointing but despite the negativity the sales still continued to rise.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 made $1billion which was definitely a big target to aim for. It seems Black Ops may have prevailed.

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KavazovAngel said,

Dammit. Long gone are the days when great and innovative games were the biggest sellers. Now, its the most marketed and hyped ones.

Because in those days, developers, gamers and the games actually were great and innovative. Nowadays, most MMOs and FPS games are all the same, just a different look to them.

vanx said,
Activision must be making a killing!

Indeed, one would suggest that they are smiling like a “Cheshire Cat” and laughing all the way to the bank. I'm not surprised in the slightest that CODBO sold 7 million copies in the first 24 hours. I'm wondering how many they will sell by the end of the week…? Although, I would estimate about 30 million copies by the end of the week. If not then not far short of that amount.

KavazovAngel said,

Yet they will still buy the next COD.

lol, no kidding, people are seriously retarded. They all talk crap about the game but they eat a bit of crap and still go buy it. I haven't bought any COD game after Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and I plan to stick with it, even if I enjoy that genre of gaming. There's other great war games like BF and so on.

Lamp0 said,

oh yea, it's just like bad company 2 and halo...

Man, Halo Reach was crap because the new maps really sucked bad. If it weren't because of that, it would have been a great game.

CGar said,
It saddens me how everyone flocks to this pile of...

It "saddens" you? You don't have to like it, but there is no need to be so superior and stuck up about it.

sick of it.

CGar said,
It saddens me how everyone flocks to this pile of...
Funny how so many people must think its worth buying and may even end up being game of the year?

Kreuger said,
I rented this and beat the campaign. I cant decide if I like it though. It has it's ups and downs

Yeah and that sucks because I feel the same way and after a bit of time you lose that feeling over time with these games and it's happening so soon with this one. I wanna like it but I just don't know yet.

maps are too small, and there seems to be a lot of lag (PC version), other then that it's a fun game. I skipped MW2.

Pass. How unfortunate though that this is now the benchmark for a games industry lacking in almost everything now. The game industry is becoming very much like linux distros. It is saddening to see this and the potential of what could be trampled into the mud by principles of games like this which are successful for no given reason.

I'm suprised that the PC version is reported as less than 5%... I wonder if that takes steam sales into account or just hard copies.

Tom Dwyer said,
"Four million gamers have took to the Internet..."
This should be "have taken." The past participle form of take must be used (due to the helping verb), which is "taken".

I'll download the torrent for it. I imagine it's a terrible port for PC, based on all of the yelling. I'm glad I downloaded a torrent for New Vegas. What a terrible job that was for the PC.

It just seems like most game companies dump out complete garbage for PC's these days, and expect people to shell out $60 for it; especially if it's being released on consoles at the same time.

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