Call of Duty co-creator hints at new game reveal for E3 2013

In 2010, the co-founders of Infinity Ward, which created the now massive Call of Duty FPS game franchise for Activision, were fired from that company. The co-founders later created a new studio, Respawn Entertainment, and a bunch of Infinity Ward team members left to join the new company.

Now, nearly three years later, we may finally find out what Respawn has been working on for all this time. Co-founder Vince Zampella used his Twitter page to post the following message:


He later posted up another Twitter message, saying, "I have no intention of showing up empty handed! I can't say anything else right now." All in all it sounds like Respawn will finally show off their first game at E3 2013 in Los Angeles in June.


Respawn has a publishing deal with Electronic Arts for whatever game they are working on. However, unlike the Call of Duty franchise, Respawn will hold onto the rights for their games with EA acting more like a distributor of their game franchise. It should be interesting to see if Respawn comes up with another first person shooter game or of they have something else in the works.

Source: Vince Zampella on Twitter

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I'd be interested if the did something along the lines of COD4. A greater emphasis on story and campaign than just another twitch shooter.

Agreed. Call of Duty 4 is still one of my most favourite games. I was let down by some of the design choices they made in Modern Warfare 2. And Modern Warfare 3 was an even bigger letdown.

Anaron said,
What makes you think it's based on Call of Duty? The only relation to Call of Duty are the former Infinity Ward employees.

And what is most of the Infinity Ward employees made off? Oh yeah, the MoH team.