Call of Duty Elite taking sign ups for beta test

Publisher Activision is wasting no time in getting players to try out its upcoming Call of Duty Elite multiplayer service. Officially announced earlier this morning after months of rumors, the Call of Duty Elite web site is now taking sign ups for players to beta test the service. The sign ups also ask you which platform you play Call of Duty games on; Xbox 360, PS3 or Steam (PC). The closed beta test will use the current game in the first person shooter series, Call of Duty Black Ops, but a press release today announced that the service will officially launch this fall alongside the launch of the next game in the series, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. also has more info on the service itself which is being developed by Activision's new Beachhead Studios. While Call of Duty Elite will have a number of features that will be free to use by players (exactly what features will be free has yet to be revealed) it will also have a monthly fee for premium services. Those paid services will including getting downloadable content and maps for free although free users will still be able to get those maps for a separate fee. Call of Duty Elite will also give players one account that can be shared across all Call of Duty games from Black Ops to Modern Warfare 3 and future games in the series. Activision claims that playing Call of Duty games online will still be free even when Call of Duty Elite launches.

While you can access Call of Duty Elite features in the games themselves, Activision will also allow for those features like player stats and more to be access via a web browser or via downloadable apps. It will allow players to network and form Cal of Duty groups where you will be able to keep track of your group players' stats as well. Activision is also promising to hold competitions with real prizes in association with Call of Duty Elite.

Moderation of all these services is certain to be a huge job but Activision spokesperson Jamie Berger said, "From the service side, the good news is that we have these partners down the road called Blizzard, who have been tremendous in sharing thoughts on how they deal with this very issue." Certainly Blizzard's years of experience with its online service will be a huge help with developing and maintaining Call of Duty Elite.

You can find out more info about Call of Duty Elite in the trailer below which has six minutes of footage showing off how the service works with Call of Duty Black Ops. Oh, and there's a tiny bit of new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 footage at the end.

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I signed up, but I expect there to have thousands of requests already and I wouldn't be surprised if there was over a million by the time the requests are done.

This service really seems pointless, its just another way of trying to increase their revenue from the franchise. From a business perspective its a good idea, but extorting all of the users of the game for more money doesn't seem ethically right.
The whole idea seems to revolve around the social media aspect of gaming, but with other free alternatives; facebook, twitter etc I cant see this really hitting off. However, I can't comment until I have seen and tried the service so I will be signing up for the beta and if I don't get selected I will try it for an initial month so I can make fair judgement, but my expectations aren't running high.

Indeed. All of these Theater and Stats options exist in the BlackOps game already and the extra info seen in the screenshots is pulled directly from the Prima type guides.

So are they going to be yanking all of this out of the main game executable and moving into some facebook linked hybrid site?

If this game with dedicated multiplayer servers with 24/7 moderators for hackers (like Blizzard does), I could see that having some real value. But right now, there seems to be no mention of that.

I'm not sure how many parents want to be signing up their kids for a monthly subscription to a game they're already paid $60 for and now two $15 map packs.

Does MW3 come free with this subscription or are people supposed to be paying for the core game PLUS subscriptions now?

It'd be nice if the Neowin editors would actually put in links to these sorts of things. It's not like every other site already does it or anything.

WolvesHunt said,
I refuse to touch anything that has a monthly fee linked to "single game" talk about getting robed,a

yes I talking about all those Pay2Play month games and services like the above

...robed? You mean this monthly fee clothes you? Really?

Anyone who signs up for this is a moron. I heard about this a while ago and how MS can allow this is insane. I'll pay $60 for the game and for the Live services, but an additional probably $5 a month for maps and "addons" is stupid. All MS would have to do is say no and that would be the end.

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