Call of Duty: WaW PC Patch 1.6 to be released next week

Speaking on the official Call of Duty forums, Josh Olin, Treyarch Community Manager has confirmed that Patch 1.6 and Map Pack 3 for Call of Duty: World at War PC will be released next week. The free update will fix various problems in the game in addition to adding three new multiplayer maps and one new Nazi Zombie map.

The following is a list of what to expect in the patch:

  • 3 new Multiplayer maps: Battery (mp_drum), Breach (mp_bgate), Revolution (mp_vodka)
  • New Nazi Zombie map: Der Riese (nazi_zombie_factory), an all-new Zombie map set in a secret Nazi research facility featuring the Pack A Punch Machine, Teleporters, and many more undead hordes
  • Exploits pertaining to Demo playback
  • Favorites list now ignores filter settings
  • Fixed S&D round counting error when roundlimit is reached
  • New feature: in-game Add to Favorites
  • Friends list: green online indicator
  • Starting the game in Safe Mode will no longer toggle the "Soften Smoke Edges" graphic option
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Mods: Client will no longer join a modded Co-op server via Game Invite unless they have that mod loaded
    Mods: Client running a mod will be asked to unload the mod if they attempt to join an unmodded server
  • Mods: All singleplayer levels can now be run with a mod loaded
  • Additionally, we do expect a concurrent release of the Mod Tools 1.4 package, Linux dedicated 1.6 bins, and the Steam 1.6 day-of-date with this patch. More details on those will be made available once they get cleared through testing.

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Omen1393 said,
If only my WaW game didn't crash at launch....

That happens if you are clueless about computers

Might be front page news because of the "War of Words" going on between PC gamers and Treyarch. They really have left the PC side on the back burner to 360 and PS3 (granted, console makes $$$ while PC updates don't). Map Packs come out at least a month after consoles and there is little communication about patches or other news.

Visit the forums and you'll see the large number of posts begging for info. I stop in there just for the occasional updates and rarely post there anymore.

But pcDEV and JD2020 made posts that give the impression patch 1.6 is out this week, not next. The post you referenced was from Friday 9/11. Check this post from pcdev and then on page 4 is JD saying it'll be late this week instead of mid-week.

that's the first thing I thought when I saw that.
I guess it was meant for gamer news section.

actually he has a valid point, and he's not bitching about it either.
I've been here since 2001 and I never saw a game patch making front page news.
Except World of Warcraft maybe ..

Eh, I suppose you're right.

I just feel that if the staff deemed it appropriate for the front page, who am I to complain? Does it hurt me in any way at all to ignore a news post? If it does, or I simply feel that it's actually a mistake on the staff's part, I'm quite positive there's a better place to submit my complaint using the Report a Problem link shown to the left of the article rating.

Neo003 said,
Wow when did patch's started making front page news.

It looks like this is a pretty big patch for the game. If you don't wanna see it don't click it and just ignore it. You don't go on CNN and say WTF IS THIS I DON'T LIKE NEWS ABOUT IRAN