Can Intel-based Macs retake the personal computer market?

Apple's move to Intel is certainly a risk. But it also has some significant benefits. First, they get economies of scale on their side -- they can manufacture Macs at a price similar to what Dell and HP get.

But secondly, it opens the door for Apple to do what they did with the iPod -- produce a better engineered product and take over a market. Can they do it? Is the personal computer market similar enough to the scenario Apple faced in the portable media market? Only time will tell. However, MacOS X "Leopard" and Longhorn will be arriving at nearly the same time. The OS Wars may be getting very interesting again.

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They will have a huge potential if they can maintain the "chic" image they have now. It's going to come down to that. Nerds are one thing, but the general consumer is harder to win over.