Canada, Germany ink clean energy research pact

Canadian and German scientists have agreed on a deal (estimated at ~$8.4 million) to work together over the next three years to develop clean energy technologies. The National Research Council of Canada and the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres have signed an agreement to share research, facilities and expertise, and to work together on projects to develop alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, biofuels and others that are ecology-friendly. "We anticipate that some of these research projects will involve industrial partners, thus accelerating the development and market-readiness of technology solutions in clean energy, and providing growth opportunities for Canadian enterprises," said NRC president Pierre Coulombe.

News source: CBC News

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This is not entirely a direct investment into research, but rather means to help share existing data and facilities between two countries.

This is extremely good news. This is a step in the right direction towards solving the inevitable energy crisis and slowing down global warming. If more countries step up, and we all unite, we can make some real progress. The French have the best power production (and cleanest) in the world--they use nuclear power plants, and then recycle the nuclear material afterwards for another process and use. The Dutch have been making extraordinary passes with Hydrogen Gas production for use in hydrogen cars--a completely renewable energy source!

So, again, this is great news! I hope the rest of the world can follow suit!