Canada to get two new full Microsoft Stores in Edmonton and Burnaby

So far, nearly all of the Microsoft Store locations have been opened in the US. So far, the folks up north in Canada have only one full sized Microsoft Store location to visit, located in Toronto, with four smaller specialty stores in other parts of the country.

That situation will change in the near future as the Microsoft Store website shows that two more full sized stores will be opening soon. One of them will be located at the Metropolis at Metrotown shopping center in Burnaby, British Columbia, near Vancouver. Both Burnaby and Vancouver already have small Microsoft specialty stores open. The other new full Microsoft Store will be located in the massive West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, which again already has a small specialty store available to visit. The mall is the largest in North America with over 800 shops and over 5.3 million square feet of space.

Microsoft has yet to announce opening dates for either of these two new retail locations, although the Microsoft Careers site is currently hiring for store managers at both sites. Currently, Microsoft has a combined total of 77 full and specialty store locations open in the US and Canada and the company has plans to expand into China as well.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Are most Microsoft store openings on a weekend or weekday?? I really hope the Burnaby store opens on a weekend so I can be there. I want free swag!

Apple didn't build their stores in over a day... it took years. It takes time to get the investments and get proper property dealings and rights to open stores in popular places. They will come eventually, many of them already have online Microsoft Stores in the meantime.

Yeah you got to wonder what the imbeciles and incompetents running Microsoft are thinking. Montreal is the 2nd biggest metropolitan area in canada (after Toronto of course) and there's still no store in the province of qu├ębec.

But it's business as usual for Microsoft a very usa centric company.

Enron said,

Microsoft would have to translate all of its stuff to French to do that!

It's already translated for all products. They would just need to translate the display in store. Big deal ...

they need one in calgary!
my guess was west ed, what a suprise.

Maybe cross iron if they want a high volume place.

West Ed is no surprise, they had a pop-up there last year. Chinook Centre makes sense as a possible future site as it has Canada's second highest revenue per square foot (and they already have a place in the #1 spot)