Canada's New Anti-Camcording Legislation Finds First Victim

After being caught trying to record the movie 'Dan in Real Life' last month, a man from Québec now faces up to two years in jail, if convicted, thanks to Canada's new anti-camcording legislation. Should his actions be considered part of a commercial operation, the term jumps to five years and could include forfeiture of assets. The 23-year-old was also in possession of equipment to directly upload the movie to the internet and was likely to have been apprehended by police and theatre staff wearing night vision goggles.

Back in June, Canada adopted legislation which would see greater punishments for people caught camcording movies in theatres, reportedly thanks to pressure from the MPAA in the United States. The amendment to Bill C-59 stated in part that any person caught recording a movie in a theater without permission would be guilty of an indictable offense - and liable to be imprisoned for up to two years.

News source: TorrentFreak

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wow... with terrorists, drugs, drunk driving, rapists, constant murders, child abuse, old women being mugged in a dark alley... all they can worry about is some kid making a few bucks off of what must have been a horrible recording of a movie so he can remain jobless and live with his parents until he is in his late 30's. Someone point to the crime here, seriously.

Tzimisce said,
Someone point to the crime here, seriously.

"Camcording" a movie perhaps? I mean, alot of these penalties are pretty severe and way too extreme, but I do agree that they can't just do nothing.

Well, that's the conservative party for you. They're too eager to drop their pants and bend over for big business concerns.

Are you guys stupid? You think he deserves to be let free? He was probably making money off this, and yet you think he's completely innocent?

No I think it's enough to send a clear message.

The problem is, punishments for other crimes (impaired driving, as already mentioned in the comments) are much too light. I'm so sick of hearing about deaths caused by drinking and driving I wonder how many more people have to die before people "get it"?

Of course I also wonder why ew go so easy on these people who clearly have no regard for their own safety or anyone else's.

Oh excellent! He's getting more time than drunk drivers get for killing people here in Canada.
Canadian law and judicial system is a farce!

Ha! You have got anything on US!

Barry Bonds was just indicted on Perjury and Obstruction charges because he told a Grand Jury he didn't use steroids. If convicted, he could receive more time than the maximum sentence for 2nd-degree Murder in most [if not all] states!

The 23-year-old was also in possession of equipment to directly upload the movie to the internet...

In other words: a laptop. :P